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History of Industrial Centrifuges from the 1700s to Modern Day

Centrifuges are one of the most important tools in industrial processing. These machines – which use rotating force to separate liquids and sediments – have numerous uses. Modern centrifuges are used for wastewater processing, biofuels production, and for food purification, to name a few.
Yet, centrifuges are not a new invention, and they have been used for various industrial applications since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
In fact, in the early 1700s, a crude whirling arm machine was developed by English engineer Benjamin Robins to test drag for the British military. This was one of the first centrifuge-type machines to hit …

Vacume Filter for 90% Dry Sludge

90% Dry Sludge for heavy metals.
The Interfil Vacumatic Sludge Dewatering System processing sludge from heavy metals including Iron and Aluminium. The system is processing 50,000Litres per day and generates a astonishing 90% dry cake. The system is our second smallest system RF6/300-720.  We can modify the systems to suit customer specific requirements to meet the site conditions.
The system is automated to process the solution with minimal human involvement.

What Are the Advantages of the Two Different “Dieselcraft” Centrifuges Interfil offer?

Trying to decide which Dieselcraft centrifuge is right for your situation? At Interfil, we offer two Cyclone models with various different specs. This guide aims to show you the key differences between the two so you can make your mind up which one is right for you.
Why Dieselcraft?
Dieselcraft are well known in the industry for providing top quality centrifuges to remove contaminants from fuel. Each of Dieselcraft’s oil cleaners give you ten times more cleaning power than regular oil filters, which remove any particles than are larger than 1 micron in size. This helps to greatly reduce the amount of …

What advantages do the Vertical Clean, Semi-auto and Manual Centrifuges offer?

Getting the right centrifuge for your project means browsing over all the options available to you and making a decision based on the evidence that you encounter. At Interfil, we have three different types of centrifuges available for our customers – the manual centrifuge, the semi-automatic centrifuge, and the vertical clean centrifuge. But what exactly does that mean? And how can you tell which one is right for your circumstances?
Here we take a look at each and their advantages.
To start with we need to examine just what exactly the manual, semi-automatic, and vertical clean labels mean when it …

Quality Wastewater Systems are Vital

Although, in Australia there has been an increase in pressure from the Australian Government for many manufacturers to reach a higher standard of treatment of wastewater for environmental discharge the biggest problem is the existing pipe network. Especially the sewerage pipes, high sugar-nutrient loads of industrial waste water can cause damage to the pipes that are already aging. This is due to fermentation that occurs in wastewater both cracking and eroding the pipes, this in turn leads to water ingress which adds pressure to water treatment plants because of the higher volumes of water – especially during wet …

Choosing the Right Multistage Centrifugal Blower

Centrifugal blowers operate best as base load machines with a pressure and flow rate as dependant variables. Currently there are three different designs of modern centrifugal blowers in common use today –

Multistage Centrifugal Blower –  The multistage centrifugal blower is usually paired directly with an induction motor driveshaft which results in a slower operating speed. The design principals however are fairly simple – if you want more flow just increase the impeller diameter and if you want more pressure simply increase the number of impellers – or stages. As with all centrifugal …

Why High Quality Biofuel Products Are So Crucial

Across Australia, the biofuels industry is growing rapidly. In 2015, Australia’s total biofuel production was estimated at 330 million litres, and production is being bolstered by mandates across the country. For example, Queensland enacted a mandate last year requiring 3 percent of all regular unleaded petrol sales to contain bio-based ethanol, while the mandate in NSW is even higher at 6 percent of sales.
Measures like these are helping Australia to become a world leader in biofuel production. And as the industry grows, producers – from large commercial operations, to independent producers – need access to high-quality processing, filtration and …

How Improper Liquid Waste Handling Can Negatively Impact a Business

Businesses that process, manage and dispose of liquid waste are bound by strict regulations. These rules have been enacted to prevent pollution and water contamination, as well as ensure harmful chemicals do not pose risks for explosion or fire.
For businesses, it’s imperative to follow liquid waste disposal regulations. Mishandling of waste can lead to contamination and pollution – PR crises for any business – as well as a variety of legal ramifications. Hefty fines may also accompany improper liquid waste management, as well as loss of revenue. To avoid these possible negative impacts, businesses must take steps to ensure …

Advantages of Clean Coolant

Roll grinders are considered to be an intricate part of the overall rolling process. The rollers are the tool to a smooth clean surface finish.  They will create a mirror image on the work performed, i.e. if the roller is scratched then also, so will be the rolled sheet.
Cleaning the coolant is as important as dressing or changing the wheel on the roll grinders.  The appearance of burning or staining can show that dirty coolant runs hotter, because of a reduction in its heat transfer capability.  Staining can also show an increase in undesirable soaps or scum.  The appearance of …

Importance of Quality Water Filtration Systems

Clean water is important to everyone. We all like to have a drink of water, or clean ourselves, clean our cars, homes, dishes, and equipment.
Having an effective water filtration media system is important if not critical to our way of life. Nature can take care of some water cleaning but it would not be able to handle the vast amount of water cleaning needed. So we have to help nature, this is where having a quality water filtration system comes in.
Filter Media
What does a water filter do?
Quite simply a water filter will …