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A look at our Magnetic Filtration Drum

Industrial liquids are exposed to a lot of contaminants and toxins, so they need to be routinely cleaned and recycled. Re-using these liquids cuts costs, but if they are inserted back into the manufacturing cycle without being thoroughly cleaned, they will slow down the manufacturing process and might damage your machinery.

The type of cleaning that industrial liquids undergo depends on the nature of the fluid. Oil-based liquids and fluids are cleaned to remove water and biological contamination. On the other hand, coolant fluids are water soluble, so they are often filtered to remove oil products, metallic elements, and similar contaminants.

There …

Why you should opt for a DieselCraft Water Sensor

Water and oil don’t mix, and this is especially important in the industrial sector. While both water and petroleum-based products are used in the manufacturing process, bad things happen when they occur simultaneously. For example, coolants are frequently used to lower temperatures and maintain the smooth flow of machinery.

However, a series of filtration devices and valves are needed to ensure the coolant and fuel don’t mix because this could damage equipment. In the same way, any water that gets into your fuel could be disastrous. This water contamination will adulterate the fuel and can jam your engine or machine. Water …

A Close look at Oil Skimmers

An oil skimmer is a device that is designed to remove oil floating on a liquid surface. Floating oil and grease cling to skimming media more readily than water. Water has little affinity for the media. This allows skimming media in the shape of a belt to pass through a fluid’s surface to pick up floating oil and grease with very little water.
In industrial settings, skimmers can be used to clean oily contaminants from coolant fluids. This allows the coolant to either be re-used or safely disposed of. The principles for skimmers’ operation are based on the fluid property of …

How to use our Fuel Test Strips

Contaminated fuel can cause all sorts of problems. The main kinds of contaminants are bacteria, fungi, and mould. These unwanted factors can damage machinery, leading to high repair and replacement costs.
They can also reduce the efficiency of the fuel. This means you get less work done for the same amount of fuel, and you end up spending excessively when you buy more fuel to cover the labour deficit. Most machines have mechanisms in place to prevent contamination.
Proper equipment has filters, pressure gauges, and alarms to keep fuel as clean as possible. But it also helps to involve the human element. …

Why our clients love our ongoing technical support and maintenance service

Buying industrial equipment is always a challenge. First, you have to identify the specifications you require. Then, you need to find a machine or set of machines that meet all your industrial necessities. Ideally, it should be within reach and under budget.

Once you find the machinery or services you need, you have to negotiate pricing, shipping, and delivery. And once you’ve paid for the product or service, there’s still a chance something could go wrong. Parts might get damaged, or functional needs may change.

The situation is even more challenging if you’re importing your purchases. The machinery might be incompatible with …

A close look at our Biofuel products

Biofuel is increasingly becoming the go-to for industrial machinery. It’s more affordable than petroleum-based fuel because it is a renewable resource, so it’s not as limited in volume as oil products. It’s also greener, being organic and biodegradable, so it meets environmental safety standards. Biofuel is easy to source and convenient to use.
Because biofuel is drawn from organic sources, it easier to recycle. Interfil’s line of biofuel equipment allows you to thoroughly clean your biofuel for re-use or safe disposal. All our equipment is created by our own engineers. It is designed, developed, manufactured, and patented right …

A Close Look at Our Range of Blowers

During mechanical activities, a lot of heat gets generated. If your machine parts overheat, they can stall your process, damage your end-product, or spoil your equipment. Unwanted dangerous fumes can be generated. To prevent this from happening, blowers and exhausters are incorporated as part of the manufacturing process. They blow air on sections of equipment that need to have their temperature regulated or exhaust fumes from the work area.
When you’re choosing a blower, there are several things to keep in mind. There are two main kinds: centrifugal blowers and positive displacement blowers. Centrifuge-based blowers work by using blades to …

Which Interfil Wastewater Filtration Products are Suitable for Large Scale Groundwater Problems

If you know anything about construction, you might know the first step is laying a proper foundation. The foundation is a layer of high-grade concrete framed by steel or wood platforms. You need a solid foundation to ensure that your building doesn’t topple, either from its weight or from natural shifts in the ground itself. And the more storeys a building has, the deeper your foundation needs to be.
While preparing to lay a foundation, construction crews must dig into the ground using heavy duty excavation equipment. Some foundations need to be drilled all the way into the rock layer, and …

A close look at our range of Coolant Filtration Products and Filtration Media

When you spill something in the kitchen at home, you soak it up using an absorbent piece of fabric or a paper towel. You might use a similar piece of film when you want to sieve juice, soup or coconut milk. For home use, a cheese cloth of muslin liner could be handy. In a tight squeeze, you might even repurpose a coffee filter.
In industrial situations, a similar principle applies, though the media used for filtration needs to be a lot more absorbent, and its texture needs to be much finer. During the manufacturing process, filtration media is mainly …

Reasons why the metal industry loves our Hoffman Flat Bed Vacumatic filter for high flow coolant filtration

In many industrial processes, there are machine parts that heat up. If the temperature of these devices gets too high, the machine could break down, leading to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Not only that but damaging the machine stalls the manufacturing process and halts production. The resulting expenses and lost time are bad for business.
To prevent these unnecessary disasters, coolants are a key part of the manufacturing process. A coolant is a liquid that prevents these machine parts from overheating. Some coolants pass inside the manufacturing device, while others flow on the outside. Both systems cool down the …