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When to Go Manual and Auto with Your Centrifuge Selection

When you need a centrifuge to separate and clean up wastewater or some other form of liquid and solid, you need to make sure you do your research so you can make an informed decision in the type of centrifuge that will best fit your needs.
INTERFIL, Australia’s leading supplier of centrifuges, offers three different options for the operating systems in our centrifuges such as manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Here is some helpful information to help you choose the proper centrifuge for your application.
Manual Centrifuge
The most significant benefit to a manual centrifuge is its cost. …

The INTERFIL 2000 – A More Effective and Efficient Oil Skimmer

An oil skimmer is used to separate oil, or particles, that are floating on top of a liquid. The typical use for an oil skimmer is to separate oil that is floating on top of the water.
They’re used to solve any oil spill problem such as a part of oily water treatment systems, removing oil from machine coolant and removing oil aqueous parts washers.
In regards to the operation of the INTERFIL 2000, the oil is naturally attracted to the synthetic belt while it passes through the surface oil. The main reason the INTERFIL 2000 is so effective at oil …

How Innovations in Sludge Dewatering Technologies Have Reduced Wastewater Processing Costs

Sludge handling and disposal are one of the costliest expenses for wastewater treatment facilities. Traditionally, sludge dewatering has been one strategy for reducing costs, as the volume and weight of sludge waste can be greatly reduced through effective dewatering. The result: Reduced disposal costs, improved water recycling and increased savings.

Since the 1970s, a number of important advancements in wastewater treatment have made sludge dewatering more efficient and effective, helping facilities save millions. Which innovations have made the biggest difference? A few actually – including centrifuges, belt filter presses and vacumatic dewatering systems – have greatly advanced the industry and …

Why It’s So Important to Take Advantage of Interfil’s Maintenance and Tech Support Plan

It’s the same with every piece of equipment you rely on, your filtration equipment needs to have regular maintenance. You will also occasionally find yourself needing technical advice and guidance to ensure your equipment stays running smooth and efficient.
These points can’t be stressed enough. It doesn’t matter where you get your equipment from or who manufactures it, eventually, it will require maintenance and from time to time you will have questions on how to keep it running smoothly.
Depending on your requirements, your filtration equipment is used to separate materials from each other. In most cases, you will need to …

Why Hoffman Flatbed Vacumatic Filters are Considered Industry Best

Different Industries looks to filtration systems in order to reduce the costs related to waste disposal and to increase product quality. However, certain filtration components are regarded as better at providing a return on investment.
In sectors that are heavily reliant on industrial filtration, Hoffman filters are recognised as superior yet affordable components of a reliable, cost-effective flat bed vacuum filtration system. Hoffman filters recycle, filter and clarify waste liquids by using air at all three steps of the filtration process. Here’s how Hoffman filters work:
The dirty tank’s pump supplies the flat bed Vacumatic with liquid. The Hoffman filters are …