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Surface Oil Skimmer Case Study

Oil Skimmer BS2000 Case study
Oil Skimmer BS2000 Case study



The problem: In a manufacturing environment, oils, coolants and other lubricants are an essential part of operations. However, when these oils get mixed with water, it can create a range of problems. In order to dispose of used water appropriately, or even to reuse the water, it needs to be free of all contaminants.

In this example, process machinery has been washed down with water, therefore mixing oil and water together. When the water and oil mixture flows to the water collection …

Reducing Costs with Coolant Filtration

Every manufacturing business wants to find ways to cut costs. Lowering operating costs gives you an overall greater profit margin on everything you make. When it comes to coolant, there’s obviously an expense attached to buying it in the first place. In that sense, you don’t want to waste what you have.

By the same token though, ineffective coolant and lubrication causes wear and tear on machinery. Considering the cost of new equipment or repairs, you obviously want to avoid unnecessary damage. So, here’s what you need to know about reducing costs with coolant filtration.
Why is coolant filtration important?
Coolant controls the …

All About Wastewater Filtration

The filtration of wastewater in industrial, mining and construction industries is a huge consideration in the modern world. Not only is it important from an environmental point of view, but it’s also crucial in maintaining equipment longevity. When we talk about wastewater filtration, we refer to any process that removes solids, oils, or chemicals from water, with a view to re-using that water safely and hygienically.\

There are several different methods used for wastewater filtration depending on the industry, scale, and application. Let’s take a deeper look at wastewater filtration.
Why is wastewater filtration important?
Firstly, the removal of particles and contaminants from …

The Importance of Sludge Dewatering

While it’s not pretty, sludge is a significant part of many industrial processes. Dredging, sewer management, oil refinement, and more all result in some form of a sludge being produced. This solid and liquid mixture needs to be managed before filtration or disposal are carried out for a cost-effective and straightforward process. This process, referred to as sludge dewatering, is essential to waste management and wastewater processing for a variety of industries.

Keep reading to learn how sludge dewatering can help you, and your options for implementing it.

Sludge dewatering is the process of separating solids and liquids from each other. The …