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Interfil User Reviews

They say experience is the best teacher, and in a way, they’re right. After all, few lessons are learned as thoroughly as the ones you ‘learn by doing’. You can’t always do that though. If you’re buying a car, your salesperson might let you test drive it. Or if you’re buying software, you could explore its free trial for a few weeks. With industrial equipment, you can visit a factory and see how the devices work, but that’s not helpful if you live far from the plant.

Yes, making the trip might be worth it, but first, you have to be convinced. Word of mouth is a good deciding factor. Or – in today’s digital space – social media recommendations. Here at Interfil, we have over 30 years’ experience in providing filtration equipment. We build all our industrial filtration machines ourselves, from draft to distribution. We hold all the rights and the patents, so we can service your machines and answer your questions better than anyone.

See It And Believe It

This is what prompted us to start a YouTube channel. On it, you can see how some of our equipment works, including voice-over commentary about typical applications. We also have a series of case studies right here on our website. They show the myriad ways you can use Interfil devices. You probably want to hear from some unbiased customers as well.

Since the site is quite large (with three decades worth of content), we’d like to point out some use-case scenarios, starting with our IC-45. Each example is drawn from an actual customer. We asked them to let us record the equipment in active use. These indirect testimonials tell you how our filtration machinery pushed our customers’ businesses forward, and it’s right from the horses’ mouth.

The Potato Industry

The Australian potato industry makes good use of our IC-45 filtration system. They use it to process potatoes into crisps, pre-cut fries, or vegetable stock. The equipment is used as part of a modular system, so it’s attached to their washers and slicers at two stages of manufacturing. First, it’s linked to the raw potato washers.

Here, the vegetables are rinsed to remove soil and garden chemicals. This wastewater is then cleansed in our centrifuge. The second stage is after the sliced potatoes are washed, so this batch of wastewater contains starch and potato fragments. In Stage 1, solid waste is discarded, but in Stage 2, it can be repurposed as soup-thickener or laundry starch.

Sticky Syrupy Sweet

The IC-45 is also used in the fruit industry to clean wastewater from pulping fruit. It rinses garden fruit of soil and toxins, then cleanses pulped wastewater to remove fruit fragments. It’s especially helpful in the processing of juices, jams, and alcohol distilled from fruit. The IC-45 isn’t just for food waste. One of our clients uses its vertical self-cleaning centrifuge application to separate wastewater from contaminants such as clays in their drilling fluid. The clays can then be disposed of and the drilling fluid reused.

For more reviews regarding your all-in-one filtration solution, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.


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