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Case study: Excavation Rain and Groundwater Filtration

Rain and Groundwater Filtration

This construction site, predominately clay, had 750, 000 Litres of muddy water that was required to be removed before construction could commence. Normally the process would have taken several weeks, waiting for the water to dry, in addition the clay at this site would take a couple of days once the water was gone to properly dry out enough so that construction could commence. Because the water was muddy, the EPA guidelines demanded that the water could not just be pumped out and let to run down the street.

The Interfil filtration system is a fully equipped mobile filtration plant delivered to another development site in Sydney Australia. Removing muddy rain water/ground water from a construction site by filtering below 40ntu compliant to EPA Guidelines and discharging to storm water or as an alternative option utilised as a dust suppressant or irrigation on adjacent properties.

It took 80 hours to clean the water at an average processing rate of 9000 Litres per hour and filtration lower than 40ntu. The water was cleaned enough to meet with the EPA guidelines regarding the release of water into the stormwater drain system.

This process saved nearly a month in wasted time and thousands of dollars in man hours. Having the Interfil filtration system come and clean the site of muddy water the construction was able to take place.