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Drilling Fluid Sludge Thickener and Filtration – Wastewater Filtration

Wastewater Filtration

Interfil have incorporated a Drilling Fluid Sludge Thickener and Filtration System onto a mobile trailer – taking the drilling and excavation market to a new level in wastewater treatment systems.

This system has been designed by Interfil and Fluid Recycling Systems to process drilling fluids and muds down to less than 1% TSS for either reuse at the drilling process or discharge to sewer.


Apart from the reusable wastewater and dry solids, eliminating the need to transport drilling fluids off site is a major cost advantage.

The average processing rate for this system is 3000 – 5000 Litres per hour. This is based on 5% Solids in solution.

For more information on our waste water treatment systems or sludge dewatering products, contact Interfil.