Services 2

  • Fuel Purifiers & Stabilisers

    Fuel Purifiers & Stabilisers

    Interfil design, manufacture and supply the highest quality fuel purifiers and fuel water separators

  • magnetic filtration / coolant filtering

    magnetic filtration / coolant filtering

    Interfil's fully automatic, self-cleaning magnetic drum separators offer effective coolant filtration

  • Blowers & Exhausters

    Blowers & Exhausters

    Interfil's high quality centrifugal blowers and exhausts are low in noise and power consumption

  • Spill Kits

    Spill Kits

    Interfil's high quality spill kits are designed to soak up leaks by absorbing oil and water based spills

  • Water Sensor

    Water Sensor

    Interfil supply the highest quality Dieselcraft water sensors for fuel-water separation

  • Drum Heater Bands

    Drum Heater Bands

    Interfil supply a 200 Litre (55 gallon) drum heater for all centrifuges

  • Fuel Test Strips

    Fuel Test Strips

    Interfil's fuel test kits detect “Fuel Bugs”, bacteria, fungus and mold in any diesel fuel

  • Wastewater Filtration

    Wastewater Filtration

    Interfil design, manufacture and supply the highest quality wastewater filtration products and wastewater treatment systems