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Interfil Liquid Filtration

100% Australian owned since 1986 - providing industrial liquid filtration systems including Industrial Coolant filtration, Waste Water filtration as well as a range of patented, industry leading Centrifuges, Exhausters, Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers, Belt Oil Skimmers and Filter Media.

what we do

Filtration & Dewatering

We manufacture filtration products for all industries. Achieving separation of liquid and solids to a dry condition..


Experience in many industrial and environmental fields enables us to offer innovative solutions for liquid process and Liquid Waste


At Interfil, we specialise in the engineering and manufacturing of Filtration Systems, Electrical Control and Hydraulics Systems

Leading Edge Design

We are passionate about creating new technology for separation of solids and liquid

We have earned our reputation as industry innovators for our patented Centrifuges, Exhausters, Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers and Filter Media through our experience across many industrial fields and our ongoing pursuit of continual technological advancement which also improves environmental sustainability.

Initially known primarily for the domestic supply of liquid filtration systems, today Interfil is an internationally recognised brand synonymous with innovation and the provision of quality, ongoing technical support and maintenance.

Our Centrifuge models are designed for use across various industries such as Manufacturing, Mining and Excavation and Construction,Food and Beverage. They include Oil and Diesel Centrifuges as well as Centrifuge models used for water cleaning purposes including Waste Water Minimisation and Recycling.

Filtration Media, as one of our initial area of expertise, is one of the most popular Interfil product ranges to this day - our customers know that our Filter Media provides them with the support they require for their Air and Wastewater filtration system management. Extensive range of Filter Media available off the shelf or specially manufactured to your requirements.

Interfil Liquid Filtration products include Coolant and Wastewater Filtration units - with various options to suit different industrial requirements - for example, the Manual IC45 Centrifuge is also available in Semi-Auto and Fully-Auto models depending on the processes specific requirements. Vacumatic Self-Dewatering Systems are tailor made to suit longer drying times or high flow high vacumes. Systems can also be tailored to suit hazardous environments for intrinsically safe or nitrogen blanketed system environments.

Our Blowers and Exhausters are designed to suit many industrial applications, in industries varying from the Food and Beverage to the Metal and Renewable Energy industries. They offer high airflow with high efficiency. Minimal on-going maintenance with outrigger bearings.