Company Overview

Who We Are

Interfil Pty Ltd started operations in 1986 south of Sydney. A family owned business specialising in Coolant Filtration for the manufacturing Industry. With many successful installations throughout Australia we expanded our range to waste water filtration with the main focus on recycling the water and drying the solids for disposal. Then in 1998, business took on a new Director within the family and with new ideas developed new systems for International sales.

These include

  • Patent protected centrifuges,
  • Multi stage centrifugal blowers and Exhausters,
  • New technology in filter media and
  • Improved electrical control.

In 2014 Interfil branched out to the mining sector. Taking their technology to new levels in HDD drilling mud processing. Proving to be successful and very exciting for the future.

To backup the supply of filtration equipment we also offer ongoing technical advice and maintenance service for all of our clients.

International clients are supported by local licensed agents with the knowledge and background to optimise and maintain the systems.


Years Experience