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Coolant Filtration

Interfil design, manufacture and supply the highest quality coolant filtration products and filtration media. Our magnetic filtration drum separators help to improve machine efficiencies, extend coolant life and lower costs. The units are engineered to be maintenance-free and do not require on-going consumables.

Interfil offer filter media ranging from 150 micron down to 5 micron particle removal. Our engineers will look at factors including solid matter to be separated, and flow rate required, to help determine the exact match of filter media best suited to your application.


Interfil's fully automatic, self-cleaning magnetic drum separators offer effective coolant filtration
Interfil offer a total package when supplying filtration equipment including the filtration media employed.

For oil skimming and coolant filtration, the Interfil 2000 is easy to use and simple to service
Filters are flatbed vacuum units, using filtration media for efficient coolant filtration
The IC-45 centrifuge is engineered for the super efficient separation of solids from waste water
The Interfil IC45-A is a high speed Centrifuge designed for separation of solids from liquids
The IC-45-AV centrifuge is designed for continuous uninterrupted operation for any type of solid.

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