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Mining Excavation & Construction – Wastewater Filtration

The Interfil Vacumatic Sludge Dewatering Systems and High Speed Vertical Basket Centrifuges has long been used in the process of Waste Water for many industries. Drilling mud’s have always been considered too difficult to process but only in last few years our systems have been successfully re-engineered and the results are outstanding.

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Fine solids, micron and submicron sized, are the most detrimental to the overall drilling efficiency and consequently contributes to a minimal mud life at the drilling site and is disposed off regularly. Costing valuable time and money. Whether it is drilling mud’s or ground water from a construction site it must be disposed off correctly.  Instead of transporting the liquid waste to an offsite processing plant and paying premiums for the waste, own a system that can process the waste at the work site and eliminate storage and transport issues. Improvements to work efficiency, reduction in tool wear and extended pump life are all benefits of owning a system.


The Interfil Vacumatic dewatering screen is not a high shear shale shaker but better. It introduces high vacumes beneath the screen, drawing the liquid with rapid force through the screen and separating the solids on a moving conveyor belt towards a collection bin.  The system is compact in design and robust for harsh environments.

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The Interfil High Speed Vertical Self Cleaning Centrifuge spins out the solids through 3000 gravitational forces leaving behind clean fluid for reuse. The solids are ejected via a cleaning device only when a preset weight is reached.  Continuous uninterrupted process.

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