Interfil systems are sold into many areas of the manufacturing industry. Our systems are utilised in process liquids such as coolants. The coolant offers lubrication for the tooling and at the same time transfers cuttings and grit from the work area. The coolant continually being reused becomes saturated in unwanted solids and oils necessitating the requirement for filtration.

The Hoffman flat bed vacumatic filter is considered the best in the industry for high flow coolant filtration.

The Interfil Waste Water Sludge Dewatering systems is used in waste water processing.  Most manufacturing plants have a waste water processing facility and utilises the Interfil Sludge Dewatering System. Processing paint waste, machine wash down waste, glass cuttings etc.

The Interfil Vacumatic Sludge Dewatering system is primarily processing the waste water to a reusable condition or a EPA approved discharge condition.  Solids are dried via the sludge dewatering vacumatic filter and taken as a spadeable waste.

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