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Magnetic Filtration / Coolant Filtering

The magnetic filtration drum separators improve machine efficiencies, extend coolant life and lower costs in grinding applications for ferrous materials. The use of heavy duty multi-pole grade 8 permanent magnets increase the magnetic field for increased ferrous particle magnetic separation. Engineered to last, the Interfil Magnetic Drum Separator will deliver the results you are after.

Construction, Simplicity and Compactness

The fully automatic and self-cleaning Magnetic Drum Separator consists of stainless steel fabricated tank, incorporating a 127mm diameter magnetic drum constructed from stainless steel and fitted with heavy duty multi-pole ceramic grade 8 permanent magnetic circuit. The drum driven by 415Vac 3phase geared motor. Stainless steel spring loaded scraper blade to assist in the removal of ferrous particles discharging into a bin.

Operation of magnetic swarf/coolant filtration

The cutting oil, water soluble oil coolant or liquid laden with ferrous solids is directed by gravity to the inlet flume on top of the magnetic separator. The dirty coolant is channeled past the powerful magnetic field set up inside the rotating stainless steel drum, and ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface whilst clean coolant returns to the process ready for re-use. The continuous rotating drum passes under the stainless steel spring loaded scraper blade discharging the dry ferrous particles into a bin.

The Benefits of coolant filtration

As compared to centrifuges:

  • Sub-micron filtration – removes all magnetic particles no matter how fine
  • Better product quality – Coolant free of waste particles enables a better surface finish and fewer rejects
  • Improved grinding wheel life – Grinding wheels last longer with the reduction of fine particulate loading the grinding wheel and requiring dressing
  • Increased Productivity – reduces machine downtime, increased productivity
  • No ongoing consumables needed – doesn’t require ongoing spending, operating costs are negligible
  • No maintenance – engineered design to be maintenance free.

Interfil Magnetic Disc Filters

Model MF 100 MF 200 MF 300 MF 400
Flow rate 100Lpm 200Lpm 300Lpm 400Lpm
Dimension A 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm

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