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Vacume Filter for 90% Dry Sludge

90% Dry Sludge for heavy metals.
The Interfil Vacumatic Sludge Dewatering System processing sludge from heavy metals including Iron and Aluminium. The system is processing 50,000Litres per day and generates a astonishing 90% dry cake. The system is our second smallest system RF6/300-720.  We can modify the systems to suit customer specific requirements to meet the site conditions.
The system is automated to process the solution with minimal human involvement.

Case study: Excavation Rain and Groundwater Filtration

Rain and Groundwater Filtration

This construction site, predominately clay, had 750, 000 Litres of muddy water that was required to be removed before construction could commence. Normally the process would have taken several weeks, waiting for the water to dry, in addition the clay at this site would take a couple of days once the water was gone to properly dry out enough so that construction could commence. Because the water was muddy, the EPA guidelines demanded that the water could not just be pumped out …

Ground Water Remediation Solution – Case Study

Water Dewatering System
The client had an extensive problem with ground water at a site on the East Coast of Australia at risk of contaminating a main river system within 100 yards from the site.
The mobile recycling unit was dispatched to site and setup and operational within 3 hours of delivery.
The contaminated groundwater consisted of sand and clay mix.  You will see in this video the mobile system effectively removed all of the sand and clays and the water was utilised in the project as recycled water.
The volumes processed each 10 hour day was …

Drilling Fluid Sludge Thickener and Filtration – Wastewater Filtration

Wastewater Filtration

Interfil have incorporated a Drilling Fluid Sludge Thickener and Filtration System onto a mobile trailer – taking the drilling and excavation market to a new level in wastewater treatment systems.
This system has been designed by Interfil and Fluid Recycling Systems to process drilling fluids and muds down to less than 1% TSS for either reuse at the drilling process or discharge to sewer.

Apart from the reusable wastewater and dry solids, eliminating the need to transport drilling fluids off site is a major cost advantage.
The average processing rate …

Potato Starch – Wastewater Cleaning IC45 Centrifuge

The Potato Manufacturer purchased the Interfil IC-45 Vertical Clean Oil Centrifuge back in February 2014 for cleaning the wastewater from the potato washing and peeling process. The wash water consisted of soil, sand and starch after the peeling/slicing process.

The potatoes are loaded into a vertical helical screw conveyor which allows stones to fall to the bottom and push the potatoes up to a conveyor belt to the automatic peeling machine. After they have been peeled, the potatoes are then washed with cold water and any soil and sand is removed from the …