Surface Oil Skimming

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Base frame with integrated collection trays, doctor blades, pedestals and collection sump – the sump having two (2) ports, each of which is machined to 2 inch BSP female thread.

Mounting holes 14mm dia. are machined into the mounting flanges on a grid 405mm x 205mm to allow mounting with 1/2 inch diameter bolts.


3ph, 50 hz, 415 volt, 0.18kw, 4 pole, 1430 rpm, IP65 insulation, other rated insulations available upon request.


Supplied by engineered plastics to Interfil’s specification, but falling within the general description of synthetic material PVC. The particular properties attributed to the belt are included within the multi layers of synthetic material to withstand unwanted absorption and resistance against various acids and alkaline, thus ensuring life-long retention of the inherent properties.

Normal width – 200mm.

Fabricated into a continuous belt using special equipment designed for the purpose. Standard belts are furnished in increments of 1/2 metre pulley centre distances – special length upon request.

Tail Pulley:

Flanges have overall diameter of 240mm, thus needing a minimum of 250mm fluid depth to allow the tail pulley to operate at the optimum position of fully immersed.

Doctor Blades:

Manufactured from nitrile elastomer and assembled into standard units for ease of removal and replacement

Interfil 2000 specifications

Baseframe Dimensions

Base overall: 450mm x 320mm

Base overall: 450mm x 450mm

Base overall: 360mm

Base overall: 600mm

Surface Oil Skimming

Removes up to 10Lpm floating Oil

Oil Skimmer Uses:

Interfil 2000 oil skimmer is used to:

  • Remove Oil & Grease from sullage drains
  • Remove Tramp & Free Oils from coolant, cutting and processing liquids
  • Remove Motor Spirit & Oils from wash pads and pits
  • Recover Product from process and wash waters
  • Remove Oily Wastes from settling tanks
Benefits of oil skimming

Interfil 2000 Oil Skimmer is:

  • EFFECTIVE OIL SKIMMING – removes up to 10 litres/minute
  • EFFECTIVE – operates regardless of changes in liquid height
  • WEATHER RESISTANT – engineered to withstand the elements
  • ENGINEERED as a complete system
Oil Skimmer Operation

Surface Oil is naturally attracted to the synthetic belt as it passes through the surface oil phase. Thus the INTERFIL BS2000 is in effect, a continuous, vertically-orientated endless belt. The lower end or tail of the belt is designed to be always submerged in the liquid and the belt has suspended within the lower loop, a tail pulley.

The upper end of the continuous belt fits over a head or drive pulley and passes between two wiper blades which remove the oil, motor spirit, product or whatever is being separated by the synthetic belt.

The removed material passes into a collection area and then into a sump which is part of the mild steel fabricated baseframe. The sump features two exit ports from which the oil may be disposed.

Because the synthetic belt is available in any length, and because the tail pulley is free-riding, the INTERFIL 2000 Oil Skimmer can be furnished to meet any height (or depth) requirements. For optimum operation, the tail pulley should be completely submerged.

An Alternative for oil separation is our centrifuge

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