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Potato Starch – Wastewater Cleaning IC45 Centrifuge

The Potato Manufacturer purchased the Interfil IC-45 Vertical Clean Oil Centrifuge back in February 2014 for cleaning the wastewater from the potato washing and peeling process. The wash water consisted of soil, sand and starch after the peeling/slicing process.

The potatoes are loaded into a vertical helical screw conveyor which allows stones to fall to the bottom and push the potatoes up to a conveyor belt to the automatic peeling machine. After they have been peeled, the potatoes are then washed with cold water and any soil and sand is removed from the potatoes.  The first stage wash water is then sent to a collection tank for later filtration.  The potatoes are then passed through a revolving impaler/presser which cuts them into paper-thin slices; the slices then fall into a second cold-water wash that removes the starch released when the potatoes are cut. The first and second stage wash water is then passed through a wedge wire screen to remove any large peelings and the water then passes through the Centrifuge for final separation.  The customer’s main objective was to reduce the wastewater disposal cost and to date has achieved a 90% saving.

Producing Potato Chips

The below image shows water before entering the centrifuge.  You will notice a large quantity of starch in the wastewater.

Potato Starch Dirty Water before Centrifuging

The next photo shows absolutely no starch or sand matter in the wastewater.

Potato Starch Centrifuged Water

Watch our video to see the automatic discharge of starch waste from the centrifuge:


The advantage of the Interfil IC45 Vertical Clean Centrifuge over filter plate presses, filter belts presses and horizontal clarifiers (horizontal centrifuges) is its light weight (150kg), small footprint (1sq m) and ease of maintenance.

Power consumption for normal running is 4 amps.

Vertical Clean photo copy

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