Comparing Different Filtration Media for Various Industries:

09 Feb 2024 | Family

In Australia, there are various industries in operation. Within those industries, countless industrial processes are completed every single day. Many of those processes involve filtration, whether it’s separating contaminants from oil or treating wastewater. Using reliable filtration media is paramount for businesses looking to improve processes and save money. In many cases, filtration directly affects a company’s profit, and, therefore, should be a significant consideration.

In this article, we’ll explore the different types of filtration used across multiple industries and explain the importance of making the right choice. To be effective, filtration media must be fit for its intended purpose. Read on to find out more about filtration media in various industries.

What is Filtration Media?

When it comes to separating solids from liquids, you’ll typically always find filtration media in use. It can also be used in ventilation to purify air. In most industrial processes, filtration media acts as a barrier. Liquids can flow through the barrier, but contaminants can’t. Particles and other contaminants stick to the filtration media, while the clean liquid flows through.

Think of filtration media like a smaller version of a pasta strainer. You pour a mixture of water and pasta in, the water flows through the gaps, and the strainer collects the pasta. Now, consider an industrial setting where you allow contaminated coolant to flow through your filtration media barrier. The same thing occurs, with contaminants (like the pasta) being stopped by your filtration media, allowing clean coolant to flow through.

Filtration media is usually supplied in large rolls, being made from various materials such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and their blends. They’re not just different materials, though. They’re also different depending on specific filtration needs, like whether you need to filter out large contaminants or minuscule particles down to 5 microns.

Filtration Media in Different Industries

As you can imagine, there are multiple industries that rely on filtration media. In fact, many industries use various types of filtration media for different applications. Here is a glimpse into some industries that heavily use filtration media.

Food Industry

Across the entire food industry, there are significantly high standards when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Filtration media is used in many processes, from recycling and re-using coolant in machinery to treating wastewater. For example, any wastewater that might be contaminated with food particles or oils must be treated before disposal. This helps businesses meet their environmental requirements but also allows them to re-use water for certain purposes.

Using the correct filtration media is particularly important in the food industry. Ask your experts at Interfil about the right filtration media for your specific applications. We offer a range of products designed to handle food-grade substances while maintaining hygiene and quality standards.

Mining Industry

The mining industry is huge, and it’s very focused on maintaining high profits through operational efficiency. One of the major applications for filtration media in mining is for sludge dewatering. Drilling mud and groundwater becomes contaminated quickly at a mine site, often by fine solids that are micron or submicron-sized. All of this ‘sludge’ must be disposed of, and in liquid form, waste disposal is extremely costly.

Filtration media is used in the sludge dewatering process. Mining companies can save a fortune on waste by extracting the liquid and collecting only the solids that need disposal.

Renewable Energy

As the world turns more towards sustainable energy sources rather than coal-burning, filtration media becomes even more necessary. Biofuel production is one industrial process where filtration media is crucial.

Depending on the application, centrifuges are often favoured when it comes to biofuel, but filtration media is just as relevant. The renewable energy sector requires the purification of many liquids, and filtration media is the obvious choice for this task.

Waste Management

Large industrial companies have some pretty lofty goals when it comes to sustainability and reducing their carbon footprint. One process that helps to achieve environmental targets is sludge dewatering. Companies pay a premium for waste disposal, especially in liquid or sludge form, due to the immense weight of the waste.

However, sludge dewatering removes the liquid from solids, creating a dried-out ‘cake’ that can be disposed of for much less cost. This also means wastewater can be re-used for certain applications, which is great for the environment.

Metal and Manufacturing Industries

The metal and manufacturing industries use a lot of machinery that can be damaged easily. These machines often require coolant or lubricant to operate smoothly. However, even fine metal particles in your lubricant can cause damage to machinery.

For that reason, filtration media is necessary to keep lubricants free of contaminants. A consistent flow of clean lubricant reduces wear and tear on machines. You can also recycle your lubricants, reducing operating costs and increasing the working life of your machinery.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Filtration Media

Firstly, it’s important to understand that all filtration media is different. In very simple terms, filter media roll are rated according to the size of particles they capture. They are also made from different materials and generally have very different applications. You also need to consider things like flow rate and the type of contaminants because not all filtration media suits every application.

The right filtration media leads to cost savings, improved waste disposal, better recycling of materials and even environmental gains. Interfil provides tailored filtration solutions to suit your needs. Don’t waste money with unreliable or incorrect filtration media. Simply contact the friendly team at Interfil, and we’ll find the perfect filter media rolls for your needs.

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