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Rugged and reliable, Interfil multi-stage centrifugal blowers provide an economical solution to many applications. Constructed from all heavy cast alloy incorporating precision machined statically balance impellers. The centrifugal blowers can be supplied in single stage to 5 stages depending on the duty required. Suitable for applications of required pressures up to 30Kpa. They are low in noise, less than 80db and are equipped with oil free out-rigger bearings for easy reliable maintenance.


Being Australian designed and manufactured the Interfil centrifugal blower blows other competitors out of the water.


  • Heavy duty Multi stage centrifugal blower / exhauster
  • Efficient design for low power consumption
  • Light weight construction
  • Body constructed from 10mm cast alloy
  • Each impeller manufactured from heavy cast alloy, precision machined, statically balanced and
  • keyed to grade 4140 shafting. The whole impeller assembly then dynamically balanced for long
  • durable life. Impellers and internals can be coated for protection against more aggressive materials.
  • Pressures generated up to 30Kpa and maximum airflow of 2000M3/hr
  • Vacuums generated up to 25Kpa and maximum airflow of 2500M3/hr
  • Direct driven or v-belt drive for increased performance
  • Fully guaranteed with 12 months warranty.
  • Australian designed and manufactured.

Interfil IA2 Specifications

Interfil IA3 Specifications

Centrifugal Blowers
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