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Dieselcraft Cyclone Series Oil Centrifuges for Engine Oil, Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and Biodiesel

Model OC-50 Centrifuge

  • Flow rate: 7 Litres per minute (1.8 GPM) or 420 Litres per hour (108 Gph)
  • Recommended approx 4 passes for cleaner oil
  • Measures: 140mm Diameter x 250mm Tall
  • Supplied Universal mounting plate is 6” wide x 6” long with a radius to match the inside of a 55 gallon open head drum. With 1 1/4 NPT female thread for affixing the return line or can be used to mount the plate with the use of a threaded nipple.
  • Rotor holding capacity: 600grams (20oz) of contamination.

OC50 Centrifuge with mounting plate and control valve: Price TBA

  • Spare Rotor
    Spare Rotor PRICE TBA
  • Gear Pump
    Gear Pump and Motor for OC-20 and OC-50 with 3/8 ID x 48” suction and pressure hoses. Plus needed fittings and clamps – PRICE TBA
  • Drum Heater
    200 Litre (55 gallon) drum heater for all centrifuges 1500 watt – 240 volt power supply – PRICE TBA

Centrifuge Model OPS-50

  • Cleaning Rate 7 Litres per minute (1.8 Gpm) or 420 Litres per hour (108 Gph)
  • Measures 305mm (12”) wide by 1067mm (42”) tall and 406mm (16”) deep to stand next to a 200Litre (55 gallon) drum.
  • Rotor holding capacity: 600grams (20 oz) of contamination.
  • Pump and Motor Features: 100 PSI maximum continuous pressure, all-bronze construction, bronze gears with stainless steel shafts and mechanical seal. Motor is 1/3 hp USA manufactured carbonator-mount motor, 240V-50Hz-1 phase, 1480 rpm, open, drip-proof enclosure, automatic thermal overload protection.
  • Frame is 12 gage steel fully formed structure with only two weld joints and polyester powder coating
  • Includes a 1500 watt band heater – 240Vac 200 Litre (55 gallon) drum heater for all centrifuges 1500 watt – 240 volt power supply
  • Maximum Operating Temperature of the pump is 90 Deg C ( 210 degrees F)PRICE TBA

Dieselcraft OC50

Vegetable Oil, Biodiesel and Waste Motor Oil Purification, De-watering and Polishing. To clean used engine oil, Biodiesel and WVO, waste vegetable oil without disposable filters.

Why Dieselcraft Centrifuges?

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • All nickel plated internal parts to save the centrifuge from corrosive waste vegetable oils
  • Complete control valve with pressure gauge and bypass valve
  • Universal aluminum mounting plate for easy 55 gallon drum mounting
  • Proven performance to remove contamination to less than 1 micron in size

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Centrifuge Model OPS-50

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