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The Interfil IC45-M Centrifuge is a high speed Centrifuge designed for efficient separation of solids from liquids for small batching processes, suitable for stopping and cleaning the bowl by hand. For automatic cleaning please refer to the IC45-A or IC45-AV in the Interfil IC45 Centrifuge product range.

Ideal for Biofuel production including cleaning of used Vegetable Oil, Wash Down Bays, Lab Testing, Small Batching Processes, and many other industrial processes. The IC45-M is ideal as a stand-alone system or can be included to compliment an existing system. It is also suitable as a mobile unit due to its light weight and low power consumption.

For applications such as wine production, a nitrogen blanketed system is available as an optional extra.

The system is offered as a turn-key system, requiring only electrical connection and plumbing to and from the Centrifuge. The capability to Remote Start or utilising the system Stand-by Function of high/ low tank level detection makes the system operator free.

IC45 Manual Clean Centrifuge

About the IC45-M Centrifuge

High G force of 3000 Gravities and a processing rate of 4800 Litres per hour allows for optimum separation. The rotating stainless steel bowl is dynamically balanced at 4000rpm for extra smooth operation and direct driven by a heavy duty three phase induction motor with extra duty bearings and heavy sectioned locating flange and housing. The precision spinning bowl is encased by a heavy machined cast aluminium lid and bucket, with powder coating for standard applications and optional chemical resistant and FDA approved coatings for specific applications.

The IC45-M is supplied with four isolators for anchoring points for secure location to the ground or to a pallet/trolley for mobility around the plant. The system design incorporates four point dampeners for vibration isolation to help prevent an out of balance state.

The IC45-M Centrifuge is a manual clean centrifuge requiring the removal of the bowl and cleaning of the solids by scraping and removing by hand. The high speed bowl is easily removed via the removal tool supplied with the centrifuge. The bowl having light weight and stainless steel construction makes the removal easy and safe from accidental damage.

An optional weight detection system is available for indicating to the operator when the bowl is full and requires cleaning.

Optional extras include the addition of VSD Control for the Supply Pump, Flow Metering Control, PLC plus HMI Touch Screen Control, B2B Monitoring for Fault Alert, Vibration Sensor, pH Dosing and Metering and Weight Detection and Alerting System.

Benefits of the Interfil IC45-M

  • Easy Bowl Removal Compact Design
  • One Pass Separation with Flow Rate
  • 0-4800 Lph
  • High Speed Precision Balanced Bowl for Greater Separation
  • 304 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bowl (6Ltr Liquid Holding Capacity and 3Lts Solid Holding Capacity)
  • 4 Point Vibration Isolation Points
  • Super Quiet Operation
  • High G force 3000 G at 3900rpm
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase power options suitable to specific Country power requirements


The Interfil IC-45M Centrifuge works with the use of centrifugal force, allowing separation of solid particles from liquid. The centrifugal force has a maximum 3,000 gravities. The separation of solids is greatly improved when the liquid is exposed longer to the centrifugal force. This can be achieved by simply slowing the supply rate to the centrifuge. Extended retention time enables improved clarity and cleanliness in the end product.

The liquid is fed through a 1/2″ bsp inlet connection located on top of the lid of the centrifuge, entering directly into the high speed rotating bowl where the centrifugal force then throws the heavier particulate solids out to the inner peripheral wall of the rotating bowl, whilst the clean liquid flows up the centre of the bowl and discharges by gravity through a 2″ outlet at the bottom of the Centrifuge.

The solids remaining within the bowl are then required to be removed and cleaned by hand when the bowl has reached its maximum holding capacity of 3 Litres of solids.

There are several factors that are considered when determining the flow rate through the centrifuge, these include:

  • Viscosity of the liquid (can be changed by increasing or decreasing the temperature)
  • The percentage of solids present in the liquid- ppm- (Recommend less than 5% solids to liquid) Particle size um
  • Difference in specific gravity with the solid and liquids sg.
  • If the liquid Sinks or Floats – Bowl and Centrifuge Selection

Indicative Flow Rates

Product Litres per hour
Washdown bays 1200
Potato starch 3800
Ceramics 3800
Non-destruction digging 3800
Horizontal directional drilling HDD 3800
Food processing 4800
Waste water 4800
Grinding coolant 4800
Gold and silver recovery 600
Grape juice / wine 3800
Rape seed & canola oil 190
Biodiesel 1780
Engine oil and water 1500
Engine oil 300
Vegetable oil and water 1200
Vegetable oil 300
Animal Fats and Water 1200

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IC45-M Machine Information

General Information

Typical application Solids and water
Maximum design temperature 80 degrees Celsius
Centrifugal G-force 3000G @3900rpm
Dry weight 150kg
Casing material of construction Heavy duty cast alloy
Inlet size ½ inch BSP female thread
Outlet size 2 inch BSP female thread


Bowl Assembly

Effective bowl diameter 300mm
Effective bowl length 150mm
Bowl capacity 5.5 litres
Bowl material 304 stainless steel


Typical Properties

Hydraulic capacity 4800L per hour
Recommended flow rate 3600 per hour
Solid holding capacity 3L
Removal efficiency @5um 99%


Control Equipment

Electrical cabinet IP65 enclosure
Electrical requirements 1-phase 220V/60Hz-240V/50Hz-10amps
Control wiring 24Vdc
Speed control Allen Bradley VSD-2.2Kw
Feed pump control Contractor/overload for 1.5Kw supply pump
Safety – E-stop & lid tampering protection Allen Bradley cat two-safety relay & E-stop



Main motor size 2.2Kw two-pole induction motor
Main motor data 3-phase 415V-480V 50Hz/60Hz
Drive shaft #4 morse taper 304 stainless steel
Motor Bearings Drive – 6306ZZC3 / non-drive – 6205ZZC3

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