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All About the Dieselcraft OC50 Centrifuge

The detrimental effects of poor waste management are visible in many parts of the world. Extensive pollution has forced mainstream industries to be more sensitive about their environmental impact. As a result, many industries are now investing in improved waste management and recycling equipment.

The Dieselcraft OC50 centrifuge is an affordable oil purifying device that works with a wide variety of oils. These include waste vegetable oil, used motor oil and Biodiesel. Read on if you would like to know more about how the Dieselcraft OC50 centrifuge works.

About Dieselcraft

Dieselcraft is a manufacturing company that was established in 2002. The company addresses various challenges that reduce the performance of diesel engines. It develops products for cleaning engines, tanks, oil and fuel. These include oil filtration systems, centrifuges, water/fuel separators and fuel test kits among others.

Dieselcraft systems are affordable and easy to deploy. The company provides equipment for a wide variety of applications. These range from large mining machinery and landfill gas burners to small farm tractors and pickup trucks.

How the Dieselcraft OC50 Centrifuge Works

Fuel and oil contamination can cause extensive damage to the internal components of a machine. Fuel, lubricants and coolants can accumulate a lot of foreign debris during operations. Some of this debris includes metal fragments, stones, water, microbes and others. These contaminants limit the performance of diesel engines and reduce the lifespan of their components.

The Dieselcraft OC50 centrifuge is one of the most effective oil purifiers available. It works by spinning the oil at a high speed in a circular motion to generate centrifugal force. This solution is effective for separating mixtures of substances that have different densities.

This centrifugal force pushes suspended solids out of the oil mixture. The centrifuge lets the cleaned oil out of its containment unit and retains the contaminants. The dieselcraft OC50 is also effective in dewatering and polishing oils.

Advantages of the Dieselcraft OC50 Centrifuge

There are several benefits of using the Dieselcraft centrifuge to purify your oils. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

No need for filtration media

The Dieselcraft OC50 relies solely on centrifugal forces to clean oils. This means that the oil does not need to pass through any type of filtration media. Filtration media can get clogged with use. As such, it needs regular disposal and replacement.

High-Efficiency Performance

The dieselcraft OC50 centrifuge has a high-performance rating. It is proven to eliminate contaminants that are smaller than 1 micron. This means it can eliminate the majority of oil impurities and deliver a high-quality end product.

Nickel Plated

The internal parts of the Dieselcraft OC50 centrifuge are nickel-plated. This makes it ideal for working with several types of oils. The nickel plating protects the centrifuge from the corrosive effects of waste vegetable oils. This plating also increases the lifespan of this oil centrifuge.

High Cleaning Rate

The OC50 centrifuge is suitable for industrial applications because it can purify large volumes of oils at a time. It has a high cleaning rate of 7 litres per minute or 420 litres per hour. It also has a high rotor holding capacity that can handle about 600 grams of contamination.

Advanced waste management equipment not only reduces pollution but also saves resources. Industries can lower production costs by recycling valuable inputs. Recycling also saves time and money spent on general waste disposal.

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