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Interfil Offer A Total Package When Supplying Filtration Equipment

In today’s world, some of us are extremely dedicated to environmental conservation. It’s a matter of principle, and we do everything we can to stay green. For others, sustainability efforts are more targeted. With compliance penalties, taking care of our surroundings just makes business sense. Penalties could drive your firm into the ground, not to mention the damage it can do to your reputation. Besides, in many instances, it’s cheaper.

Just as an example, legally disposing of toxic materials can be really expensive, and investing in the right recycling equipment can save you thousands of dollars. This machinery may seem astronomically expensive at the outset, but you’ll earn your cash back in cost-cutting, new sales, and industrial savings. So if you’re the kind of business that focuses on the long-term, then we’re the right conservation partner for you. Let’s start by exploring your filtration needs.

Oil-Based Manufacturers

Whether you’re a petroleum refinery or an organisation whose machinery has multiple moving parts, we have you sorted. Our coolant cleaners cover everything from lubricants and cutting fluids to water-based solutions. Our IC-45 series uses centrifugal force to separate the solid wastes in your coolant, depositing them in a separate sump. It works with a floating surfactant, glass shards, or separating oil-waste from water-waste.

Your coolant can then be reused and the contaminants safely disposed of. On the other hand, if your used coolant has metallic contaminants, you’ll get a more thorough result from our magnetic drum filter. It has 8 magnetic poles positioned above the flowing path of coolant, and it draws out metal shards, using a stainless-steel scraper to push them into a collection bin. The magnetic drum system uses a foolproof combination of slow revolving magnets, adjustable weir for consolidation and even distribution under the magnetic drum, and adjustable drum height to regulate the velocity passing the rotating magnetic field for a triple-powered clean.

Sometimes, you just want to purify your fuel, ensuring it doesn’t have any bio-germs which could later damage your equipment. Check out our Dieselcraft range, or our oil separators and testing kits. They test organic fuel for water, mould, or bacteria. Our separators also contain water sensorsand alarms, to ensure thorough extraction. The alarms have both flashing lights and sound effects, to verify detection by your plant staff.

Miners, Pipers, And Construction Workers

In these three industries, there’s often a lot of runoff. It might be the muddy groundwater that saturates building sites or saturated mine tailing dams. Or it might be the massive amounts of water used to core piling holes and Horizontal Directional Drilling.

We have vacumatic dewatering systems driven by blowers, exhausters, vacuum generators, and centrifugal fans. They render your wastewater safe for sewer disposal or for reuse. They also produce drier cakes of solid waste, which cuts down your disposal costs. These dry cakes of dirt weigh less and occupy minimal space, so it’s cheaper and safer to transport them to landfills. Finally, much of our industrial filtration equipment is available with filter membranes, and we provide those too.

All out filtration machinery is designed, manufactured, and patented by our local team, right here in Australia. We build low maintenance models, and we offer strong warranties, so if you do need service assistance, we’re on hand to meet all your industrial cleaning requirements. For your all-in-one filtration solution, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.


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