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Our Magnetic Filtration Drum Separators Are Maintenance-Free

In some industries, people put off cleaning as long as possible for two reasons. One, it’s a thankless, perpetual task, so you wait until it’s absolutely necessary (even though ironically, the longer you put it off, the more labour is involved). The longer they leave it the more settled compacted solids at the bottom of the tank cause havoc for cleaning and removal.

Two, cleaning often involves shutting down the machine, unless you want to lose crucial body parts. This means halting the production line, missing deadlines, and potentially costing you thousands of dollars in lost time. True capitalists will hold off this crucial task and minimise downtime as much as they can. That said, the longer you use your ‘dirty’ machines, the more you damage them and the work being performed, and the higher the cost of eventual cleaning/repair.


Catch 22?

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here at Interfil, we’ve been handling all kinds of industrial filtration media and industrial activities for over three decades, and we came up with a simple solution: self-cleaning equipment. One of the pieces we’re most proud of is our filtration magnetic drum separator. We design and manufacture all our equipment in-house, and we hold all the patents so that we can guarantee quality, we stand by our word, and we’re available for consultation, maintenance, and repair. But with the magnetic drum, you barely need us.

Here’s how it works. Rare earth magnetics or grade 8 ceramic magnets are utilised for maximal cleaning action with its large magnetic field. The magnetic drum is constructed from stainless steel with a diameter of 127mm to 200mmcoupled to a three-phase helical worm geared drive rotating slowly at 2.5 rpm. The drum capturing any ferrous particulate as the coolant or oil pass underneath back to the process. The solids are scraped from the rotating magnetic drum via the spring-loaded stainless-steel scrapers.


Scrape the mess away

These scraper blades are continuously in contact with the magnets, ‘wiping’ off the ‘metal swarf particulate leaving the magnets free to collect more contaminants on its next pass. The cleaned fluid is released under gravity out of the bottom of the system ready for returning to the process. Our magnetic drum separators don’t need manual attention, because they clean themselves.  Your machine operator doesn’t have to do anything beyond emptying the collected swarf from the bin. And because the process is perpetual, there’s no downtime and it doesn’t interfere with your production line. It’s cost-effective too.

For a locally made, high quality, low maintenance filtration equipment, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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