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Magnetic Filtration

If you’ve spent any time in the DIY space, you may know pots and pans can be cleaned with ash, sand, or baking soda (and vinegar). These are all super fine, powdery substances, so they seem benign, but they’re abrasive enough to scrub blackened kitchen utensils. In the filtration space, we recognise fine materials can do just as much as damage as a key in the wrong hands.

Metallic fragments are particularly risky. They’re barely visible, but they can scrape machine parts, leading to expensive repairs, and damaging your final products as well. You could filter them out, but even the best filtration membrane is inadequate – because they’re generally helpless against anything under 5 microns. You can use them for larger contaminants, but for metallic ‘powders’, magnetic filters work best.

A well-positioned magnet can extract close to 100% of unwanted metal particles, including particles smaller than 1 micron. If you use it without a filter, it cuts costs, because your magnetic filtration device is a one-off cost. And financial estimates say you get back your investment in about three months. Industrial fluids can be passed through a magnetic filter up to 10 times before the fluid needs replacement.

Aussie built, Aussie made

At Interfil, our patented magnetic filter is a large rotating drum fitted with eight permanent multi-pole magnets. The drum is stainless steel, to battle corrosion and rust, while the magnets are ceramic. They sit above the vat, pulling out metallic shards as the dirty fluid flows past them. As the drum spins, it tosses the liquid upward as well, ‘pushing’ more metal particles towards the magnets. The device also has a stainless steel scraper that ‘wipes’ off the accumulated metal without stopping the filtration process. The scraper is spring-loaded for enhanced functionality.

This self-cleaning feature ensures our magnetic drum separator can run perpetually with no interruptions and no downtime. Because the metal is directly ‘pulled’ out of your fluid, there’s no liquid wastage. And these ferrous particles can be collected and recycled, meaning there’s no environmental damage from dumping, no wastage, and disposal costs are minimal. The drum separator itself doesn’t need parts or maintenance, so it’s cheap to run.

Lean green filter machine

Another benefit is resource management. Because you’re using the same cutting fluid/coolant/ lubricant for up to 10 cycles, you’re drastically cutting down the consumption of this non-renewable resource. The reason our magnetic drum separator is so effective is its triple-powered attack. It uses three complementary forces. Gravity pushes the liquid through the vat with additional force, because the fluid comes in through the top and drains out of the bottom.

Magnetic forces pull maximal amounts of metal from the fluid as it passes at high flow rates and intense pressure. Centrifugal force from the rotating drum (whose diameter is 127mm) tosses the metal up towards the magnets, and deposits denser particles on the sides of the drum. It’s generally used for industrial filtration activities like cleaning oil, coolants, lubricants, cutting fluid, wastewater, and other industrial effluents that are likely to have ferrous contamination.

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