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A look at our Magnetic Filtration Drum

Industrial liquids are exposed to a lot of contaminants and toxins, so they need to be routinely cleaned and recycled. Re-using these liquids cuts costs, but if they are inserted back into the manufacturing cycle without being thoroughly cleaned, they will slow down the manufacturing process and might damage your machinery.

The type of cleaning that industrial liquids undergo depends on the nature of the fluid. Oil-based liquids and fluids are cleaned to remove water and biological contamination. On the other hand, coolant fluids are water soluble, so they are often filtered to remove oil products, metallic elements, and similar contaminants.

There are two main types of liquid filtration equipment: centrifuges and magnets. Here at Interfil, we offer both options. The magnet drum is preferred by some customers because it can trap finer contaminants. It offers sub-micron filtration and can catch the tiniest metal.

Many machines have a grinding wheel to remove metal and coolant is used to flush away the ground metal, reduce heat and localize burning, remove the spent grinding grit, and with time, the grinding wheel wears out. If you clean your industrial fluid using a magnetic drum, it lessens the load of your machine grinder, which extends its life.

Unlike a centrifugal filter, magnetic drums don’t need any maintenance or service. It doesn’t need to be oiled, so there are no consumption costs, and its operating costs are low. The drum is self-cleaning, and it works on an automatic cycle. Cleaning your coolants, fuel, and used oil drastically reduces machine downtime.

Magnetic drums are mostly used to clean coolants, but they can also be used to filter cutting oil, engine fluid, or any liquid that has metal bits in it. The liquid is poured into the machine’s inlet flume. It has two magnetic elements – the magnetic field and the captured metal swarf forming a barrier increasing separation of solids. They combine to form a powerful magnetic field.

The magnets in our drum are grade 8 ceramic multi-polar units or optional rare earth magnets for greater magnetic strength and their heavy-duty construction guarantees long life. As the liquid passes over the separator, metallic elements are trapped by the separator. The fluid then travels into the drum which rotates constantly. The rotation allows further metallic elements to be trapped on the sides of the drum.

The scraper hovers above the rotating drum, so metallic particles are caught on the scraper and discharged. The drum has a diameter of 127mm, and it contains an automatic self-cleaning mechanism. Like all our products, it is designed and manufactured right here in Australia using our patented techniques. We offer a warranty and after-sales service.

The drum itself is made of magnetised stainless steel, so it doesn’t’t rust, corrode, or get stained by the fluid. The machine also has spring loaded scraper made of stainless steel. This scraper takes the metallic elements and directs them into a collection bin.

To discuss our magnetic drum and other coolant filtration equipment, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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