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Why our clients love our ongoing technical support and maintenance service

Buying industrial equipment is always a challenge. First, you have to identify the specifications you require. Then, you need to find a machine or set of machines that meet all your industrial necessities. Ideally, it should be within reach and under budget.

Once you find the machinery or services you need, you have to negotiate pricing, shipping, and delivery. And once you’ve paid for the product or service, there’s still a chance something could go wrong. Parts might get damaged, or functional needs may change.

The situation is even more challenging if you’re importing your purchases. The machinery might be incompatible with local energy wattage, or the exchange rate could shoot up your costs. Plus, if anything breaks, there’s no one to call.

Interfil has been in business since 1986, and because we are family-owned and family-run, we are familiar with both detail and scale. We started in coolant filtration, and once we mastered that art, we branched into wastewater recycling.

A decade in, we developed and patented our machinery, including a range of centrifuges, blowers, exhausters, and industrial filtration media. We sold our products locally at first, but soon gained international interest and partnered with licensed global dealers.

Just under a decade after that, we expanded once more, getting into the mining sector and digging into the business of mud drilling. Because we started small and grew slowly, we have complete mastery of every product and service that we provide.

For our domestic customers, we offer personal access to service, maintenance, and technical advice. They enjoy knowing we’re only a phone call or a short drive away. They also have the assurance of using equipment that is designed, manufactured, and patented locally.

Australian industry experts trust us because we have a track record of quality and experience. They like having us nearby in case of any issues, and all our products and services are guaranteed, and our technology is top notch.

Our international customers are happy with us too because we have a massive global footprint. Our dedication to safe, environmentally friendly methods of recycling has gained us many loyal partnerships. We do a thorough job while maintaining international standards and regulations.

As we expanded our sales around the world, we didn’t just ship equipment and leave our buyers hanging. Instead, we created a network of distributors and service partners. Wherever you buy Interfil in the world, you will receive the same standard of maintenance and after-sales service that you would get here in Australia.

When our local clients travel abroad, they know they can visit any Interfil partner and get the same level of attention and advice that they would here in Sydney. We train our global partners in our systems as well as our ethos so that any Interfil office offers the same level of warmth, professionalism, and service that we’re known for at Headquarters.

If you’d like to know more about our service guarantee, give us a call today on 02 9533 4433.

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