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A close look at our Biofuel products

Biofuel is increasingly becoming the go-to for industrial machinery. It’s more affordable than petroleum-based fuel because it is a renewable resource, so it’s not as limited in volume as oil products. It’s also greener, being organic and biodegradable, so it meets environmental safety standards. Biofuel is easy to source and convenient to use.

Because biofuel is drawn from organic sources, it easier to recycle. Interfil’s line of biofuel equipment allows you to thoroughly clean your biofuel for re-use or safe disposal. All our equipment is created by our own engineers. It is designed, developed, manufactured, and patented right on our home turf.

Interfil products meet global industry standards, so they have fans outside Australia as well. When you buy from Interfil, you get a full warranty of up to 5 years. You also get access to our well-trained teams for maintenance, servicing, and troubleshooting.

When you’re dealing with biofuel, the first thing to do is determine the level of contamination. Tanks generally have at least a little old oil in them, and this oil is prone to water contamination. When water gets into the fuel, it can cause mould, bacteria, and fungi.

Sometimes, the oil may seem to have algae in it, but this is just diesel sludge or asphaltene. These can both be resolved using sludge dispersant. However, organic contaminants need special attention using biocides and fuel stabilisers.

Our dip slide fuel test kit helps you spot any ‘fuel bugs’ that need to be destroyed. The dip slide is a strip that is white on one side to detect bacteria, and off-white on the other side to show mould. It’s easy to use. Remove it from its tube, being careful not to touch the slide.

Dip it into a fuel sample, wait 15 seconds, then remove the excess sample, take out the dip slide, and put it back in its tube. Put the tube in a dark drawer and check for two days. Bacteria show within the first day-and-a-half while mould shows up in 36 to 48 hours.

If any contaminants show, kill them with biocides. Then take the dip slide out of its tube, fill the tube with bleach, re-insert the used slide, and throw the kit in the trash. Since you can only use a dip slide once, you can buy them in bulk and get a discount for sets of 25.

Another useful tool is our Interfil water sensor. It identifies any water particles inside your fuel, and just like the dip slide, it’s compatible with all kinds of fuel. When water is detected, the sensor light goes on, advising you to open the valve and let water out.

Our sensor has its own grounding, so it gives accurate readings, and as soon as all the water is gone, the sensor light automatically switches off. The unit is safe from sparks, so it’s not a fire hazard, and it includes a 5-year warranty. Some units also have audible alarm functions.

If you’d like to know more about our biofuel products, give us a call today on 02 9533 4433.

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