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A close look at our range of Coolant Filtration Products and Filtration Media

When you spill something in the kitchen at home, you soak it up using an absorbent piece of fabric or a paper towel. You might use a similar piece of film when you want to sieve juice, soup or coconut milk. For home use, a cheese cloth of muslin liner could be handy. In a tight squeeze, you might even repurpose a coffee filter.

In industrial situations, a similar principle applies, though the media used for filtration needs to be a lot more absorbent, and its texture needs to be much finer. During the manufacturing process, filtration media is mainly used to separate solid contaminants from industrial fluids. Filters might also be used to skim oil off the surface of water-based liquids.

Filtration media is often disposable, but just because you’re going to throw it away doesn’t mean you can compromise on quality, and here at Interfil, we never do. Our filtration engineers use three key criteria as we develop of filtration products. We consider the level of absorption required, which has a direct effect on how much solid material the filter can hold.

We also think about how fast the liquid needs to move through the filter since different manufacturing processes need different rates of flow. In certain instances, slowing the flow rate can damage machinery, compromise the manufacturing process, and lower the quality of the end product. Finally, we factor in the nature of the type of solid that needs to be extracted.

To facilitate maximum efficiency and thorough filtration we supply filtration products that can remove particles between 5 microns and 150 microns. We have different filtration media that include nylon, viscose, felt, polyester, and polypropylene. Some of our filters are pure 100% while others are blends of two or more constituent materials.

Our filters aren’t restricted to solid removal. We also provide filtration media that are used to purify the air. The dimensions of our air filters are 2.1m by 20m by 20mm. We supply them in rolls, but we can cut them to suit your individual filtration needs.

A close look at our range of Coolant Filtration Products and Filtration Media


In addition to air and liquid filtration, Interfil has a special device that targets oil disposal. It’s a multipurpose device that can both eliminate waste oil and salvage used oil for recycling. This is our Oil Skimmer 2000. It has a stainless steel belt that submerges in the oil then passes through the scrapers, gathering the oil in a sump, ready for collection or disposal. The oil skimmer can be used to remove oil from drains, coolants, wash pads, or tanks.

Other coolant filters in our Interfil product portfolio include the Hoffman Flat Bed Vacumatic and the Magnetic Filtration drum. The Hoffman uses air filters to clean coolants, separating the liquid from the cake. The Magnetic Filter uses eight magnetic drums to clean coolant fluids. It’s a self-cleaning machine, offering more automation and efficiency.

If you’d like more details about our patented machinery and filtration devices, get in touch with us on 02 9533 4433. We’ll be more than glad to help.

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