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Reasons why the metal industry loves our Hoffman Flat Bed Vacumatic filter for high flow coolant filtration

In many industrial processes, there are machine parts that heat up. If the temperature of these devices gets too high, the machine could break down, leading to thousands of dollars in repair costs. Not only that but damaging the machine stalls the manufacturing process and halts production. The resulting expenses and lost time are bad for business.

To prevent these unnecessary disasters, coolants are a key part of the manufacturing process. A coolant is a liquid that prevents these machine parts from overheating. Some coolants pass inside the manufacturing device, while others flow on the outside. Both systems cool down the heated parts through a process of convection.

As the liquid passes through the hot devices, it collects a lot of dirt and debris. Since the coolant is a precious liquid, manufacturers would prefer to recycle it where possible. The Hoffman Flat Bed Vacumatic is one of the preferred filters for this process, and there are many reasons why the brand is so popular.

The Vacumatic is well loved because it has a wide range of uses, such as filtering food and mill waste, phosphatising, drawing wires, hot and cold rolling, cooling machines, grinding, filtering paint booths, clarifying underflow, caustic washes, and much more. It has a continuous conveyor belt for better efficiency, and it can run non-stop with minimal supervision.

The Vacumatic is an air-based filter, which saves energy. It utilises air power at three stages of the filtration process, achieving three important tasks. Air is used to dry the cake, skim the liquid, and aerate the cleaned fluid, which are three additional benefits you might not get from competing brands in this class.

Aerating the cleaned liquid is an added advantage because coolant liquids often contain bacteria and micro-organisms. The introduction of clean air prevents the liquid from getting stale or smelly, thereby making it unsuitable for re-use. Drying the cake is helpful too because the excess fluid can be added to the recycled coolant, which results in more liquid for re-use. Also, the drier the cake is, the cheaper it is to separate it from sludge, so you save time and money.

Hoffman Flat Bed Vacumatic Filter For High Flow Coolant Filtration

The air skimmer is an optional component of the Vacumatic, but it’s a helpful one since it gets rid of the basic contaminants that may be floating in the liquid. This reduces the time and cost of filtration, so it’s a valuable add-on. The Vacumatic is a favoured device because it gives you two products. Through this single, energy-efficient process, you end up with clean coolant and dried cake.

The biggest benefit of the Hoffman Flat Bed Vacuumatic is that it has inbuilt trips that prevent malfunctions. The overflow prevents short circuits caused by accidental flooding. The vacuum is switched on by a pre-set liquid limit, and the electrical switch is tripped by drops in pressure. These failsafe systems go a long way in preventing industrial accidents. If you’d like to order a Hoffman Vacumatic or discuss other liquid matters in manufacturing, give us a call on 02 9533 4433.

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