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How to use our Fuel Test Strips

Contaminated fuel can cause all sorts of problems. The main kinds of contaminants are bacteria, fungi, and mould. These unwanted factors can damage machinery, leading to high repair and replacement costs.

They can also reduce the efficiency of the fuel. This means you get less work done for the same amount of fuel, and you end up spending excessively when you buy more fuel to cover the labour deficit. Most machines have mechanisms in place to prevent contamination.

Proper equipment has filters, pressure gauges, and alarms to keep fuel as clean as possible. But it also helps to involve the human element. Fuel test trips are an easy, efficient way to discover any unwanted chemicals, growths, and micro-organisms in your industrial oil.

Interfil Fuel Test Kits are sold in quantity of 10 kits or 25 kits. If you buy a set of 25, we will give you a discounted price. These test kits are environmentally sustainable, and they work well in all kinds of fuel. Each test kit can only be used once, and it comes in a convenient tube that can also be used to dispose of the kit after use.

This test is in the form of a slide inside a tube, which is why we call it the ‘dip slide’ test. The slide is white on one side and off-white on the other. The white side shows bacterial contamination while the off-white side is a mould indicator.

Using the test is easy. Take the slide out of its tube, being careful not to touch the slide itself. If you do, it will detect bacteria on your fingers, and that will interfere with the results of the test. Put a sample of the oil or fuel into a small dish and dip the slide into the sample. Hold it there for 15 seconds.

Remove the dip slide from the sample and gently shake off any excess oil. Don’t wipe it, since this will remove all the sample fuel. Put the dip back inside its tube and place the tube inside a darkened tube where it won’t be disturbed. Leave it there for a couple of days.

The test shows results fairly quickly. Within 24 to 36-hours, the white side will show signs of bacterial contamination, if any are present. The off-white side takes a little longer to react and will show proof of mould within 36 to 48-hours. To interpret the results, check the guide on our website to see what each colour and spot means.

If the test shows that your fuel has foreign particles, you can repair the damage by adding a biocide to your fuel. This will kill all micro-organisms. You should also get a Dieselcraft Fuel Stabilizer. This will prevent future fuel contamination.

Once your test is complete, dip the slide into some bleach, put it back into its tube, then throw the tube into the garbage can. All our testing kits come with 6 months use by date, and they will help you ensure that your fuel is pure and unadulterated.

To order a set of our fuel test strips, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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