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Why you should opt for a DieselCraft Water Sensor

Water and oil don’t mix, and this is especially important in the industrial sector. While both water and petroleum-based products are used in the manufacturing process, bad things happen when they occur simultaneously. For example, coolants are frequently used to lower temperatures and maintain the smooth flow of machinery.

However, a series of filtration devices and valves are needed to ensure the coolant and fuel don’t mix because this could damage equipment. In the same way, any water that gets into your fuel could be disastrous. This water contamination will adulterate the fuel and can jam your engine or machine. Water can cause rust, but that’s not its only danger.

The presence of water in the fuel can cause micro-organisms to grow, such as bacteria, fungi, and other bio-germs. These contaminants will reduce the efficacy of your fuel, and they can destroy your equipment. They are expensive to remove if they are not spotted early, and they have an alarming rate of growth and reproduction.

Routine testing can help you identify bio-germs, and here at Interfil, we have effective affordable testing kits. That said, prevention is far better, and a water sensor gives you the tools to do that. Our Dieselcraft Water Sensor offers dual functionality. It can detect water contamination, and with the use of the Dieselcraft fuel purifier, it can clean the fuel to get rid of the water.

We have two water sensor models, and they both have useful features. When they detect water in the fuel, a light goes on. In some models, the light will be accompanied by an alarm. The water sensor comes with a control panel, and as soon as you see the light or hear the alarm, you can either discharge the water manually or have the sensor switch a solenoid valve and empty automatically.

As soon as the water has been extracted, the light will go off, and the alarm will stop, assuring you that all is right again. Our water sensor can be used in any oil or fuel, including diesel, vegetable oil, engine oil, and more. If you install a water sensor, you don’t need disposable industrial filtration media or cartridges so that you can eliminate that recurring expense from your budget.

Our Dieselcraft Water Sensor has its own grounding, so you don’t have to peel any paint off your machinery. It works by passing a small current through the fuel to identify water contamination. The voltage never exceeds 10 volts and only milliamp’s, so it’s not a fire hazard, and there’s no chance of igniting a spark inflammable fuel.

Some machinists get concerned that the water may rust the sensor and compromise its efficacy. This is impossible because all the internals of the water sensor is coated with rust-proof nickel. This protects the instrument from water and corrosive vegetable oil.

Every Interfil water sensor comes with a 12 months warranty They are easy to mount in 44-gallon drums/ screw into the side of a collection tank or inline at the bottom of the Dieselcraft fuel purifier.

To explore our water sensor and check out the rest of our patented Australian-made equipment, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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