Semi-Auto Clean IC45-A Centrifuge vs Fully Auto Vertical Clean IC45-AV Centrifuge

27 May 2019 | Family

The importance of centrifuge cannot be over-emphasised. Centrifuges have become great components whether you want to remove contaminants or achieve the highest number of passes per hour without exceeding the flow capacity of your pump.

In this article, you will see a comprehensive comparison between a Semi-Auto Clean IC45-A centrifuge and a fully Auto Vertical Clean IC45-AV centrifuge. Including both the similarities and the differences.


Semi-Auto Clean IC45-A Centrifuge

This centrifuge is designed for efficient separation of solids from liquids, and it’s applicable for solids that have soft gelatinous properties. It is ideal for biofuel production including the cleaning of wash down bays, use vegetable oil, wastewater streams as well as wine and fruit juice production. The semi-auto clean IC45-A centrifuge can both be used as a stand-alone system or as a compliment to an existing system.


Fully Auto Vertical Clean IC45-AV Centrifuge

This centrifuge is supplied on its own support stand, and it has four anchoring points for a secure location to the ground. You can activate an automatic removal of solids using the four load cells. The centrifuge also has a backup timer for lighter weighted solids that do not have enough differentiation between the solid and the liquid. You can use the backup timer to activate the auto clean function. There is also an in-line flow meter that detects and records the total volume processed per day.


Similarities between Semi-Auto Clean IC45-A Centrifuge and IC45-AV Centrifuge

  1. Both of them have a choice of automated or manual self-cleaning
  2. They both have one pass separation with a flow rate of 4800 litres per hour
  3. Four point vibration isolation point
  4. Automatic solid removal and super quiet operation
  5. 304 Stainless steel Heavy duty bowl
  6. High G Force 3000 G at 3900 rpm
  7. 3 phase and single phase power options that are suitable for many power requirements.
  8. Maximum design temperature is 800 C


Differences between Semi-Auto Clean IC45-A Centrifuge and IC45-AV Centrifuge

  1. Even though both can be applied for solids and water, IC45-AV is specifically for non-gelatinous solids.
  2. The dry weight for IC45-AV is 200 kg while the dry weight for semi-auto clean IC45-A is 150 kg.
  3. Cleaning device actuation for IC45-AV is vertical and horizontal while semi-auto clean IC45-A is horizontal only.
  4. Electrical requirement for IC45-AV 3 phase 480V / 60Hz – 415V / 50Hz 30amps while that of semi-auto clean IC45-A is 1 phase 220V / 60Hz – 240V / 50Hz 10amps
  5. Main motor size for IC45-AV is 4Kw 2 Pole Induction Motor while that of semi-auto clean IC45-A 2Kw VFD.

Get the one that Suits You

As you have read, the two centrifuges have certain similarities and some differences; consider all these when deciding on which one to go for, or call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433 for more information.


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