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Why We Trust Dieselcraft

Interfil has developed a long tradition of offering top quality filtration and mining equipment. In the three decades, we’ve been in this business, we’ve established our reputation, and we’d like to keep it that way. That’s why the bulk of our equipment was developed, designed, and patented by our own team. We manufacture our machines right here in Australia.

This puts us in a unique position regarding quality control. We believe in what we sell because we created and supervised our machines every step of the way. It also helps that our headquarters is here in Australia, so our clients can easily reach us for assistance and maintenance. That said, we do have distributors and local experts in our overseas offices.

Aside from Interfil filtration media, we also stock Dieselcraft centrifuge and water sensors. We trust them as much as we trust our products. We rely on them for their attention to detail. Dieselcraft equipment is carefully calibrated, both inside and out. The internal parts of their machines are plated with nickel to prevent corrosion and rust.

They are fitted with control valves that have a bypass valve and a pressure gauge for additional safety. Their centrifuges are made with aluminium mounting plates that are universal, allowing them to fit seamlessly with our equipment. This makes them fully compatible with Interfil products.

Dieselcraft filters have a highly effective membrane, catching particles that are less than 1 micron. They also have a swift flow rate of up to 7 litres per minute, depending on which model you select. This flow rate speeds up your manufacturing process and reduces downtime. Dieselcraft centrifuges come in two variants to suit your needs.

Both the OPS 20 and the OPS 50 can fit into a 55-gallon drum head. Their rotors can hold 300g of contaminant before they need to be voided. They are easy to mount because they come with all the necessary threads, connectors, and fittings. Their pumps are corrosion free as well and are constructed with bronze gears, shafts of stainless steel, and mechanical seals.

The stainless steel portions of Dieselcraft machines utilise 12 gauge steel. The equipment can function effectively at temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius. They have automated measures against overheating, and are drip-proof, so you don’t have to worry about leakage.

There are only two welded joints, making the machinery sturdy and less likely to dismantle itself. The joints are powder coated for additional protection from rust, corrosion, and friction. For best results, it’s advisable to pass your oil through the Dieselcraft four times.

All Dieselcraft equipment comes with a 5-year service warranty. They are versatile pieces of equipment, capable of cleaning vegetable oil, used motor oil, biodiesel, as well as fluids for dewatering and polishing. We trust their brand because we have used it for years, and we fully believe in its quality and capability.

To explore our selection of Dieselcraft products, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.


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