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All about the Multi-Stage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters IA3

Blowers and exhausters have multiple functions in the manufacturing industry. They are essential in wastewater filtration, where they can be applied at the beginning stages of filtration. As the wastewater is let into the filtration system, blowers and exhausters pass over the top of the fluid, blowing away the upper layers of foam and surface contaminants.

Exhausters and blowers can also be used to backwash air filtration systems, getting rid of particle contaminants in aerosols. They can speed up incineration in fire-based manufacturing processes, ventilate coal mine shafts, or extract sulphur, vapour, and other gases. These processes can be done as a single stage or multiple cycles.

The Interfil Multi-stage Centrifugal Blowers and Exhausters IA3 are drafted, designed, built, and patented right here in Australia. This gives you the advantage of full access to maintenance operators and service teams in case of any trouble with your machinery. It also gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting local industry.

Depending on your required function, you can use a single stage of the centrifuge for small installations or all 5 stages for higher vacuums or pressures. They are rugged machines made of 10mm heavy cast alloy, so they can take a good beating. At the same time, they are lightweight units, making them safer and less bulky to operate.

The air power comes from statically balanced impeller blades that are constructed using cast aluminium and have a diameter of 605 mm. The aluminium makes them light for minimal amp draw and waterproof and corrosion proof, which makes them ideal for wastewater filtration purposes. The inlets and outlets are made of cast aluminium as well, though the grade is 10 mm.

The construction of intermediate spaces is slightly less dense, utilising 6 mm cast aluminium, while the intermediate spacers are made from 304 grade 3mm stainless steel. The blowers and exhausters emit a maximum pressure of 30kpa, but they have a low-noise output of just 80 decibels.

They are easy to maintain because their outrigger bearings are oil-free. Airflow on our blowers can go up to 2,000 cubic metres per hour, while vacuums are higher at 2,500 cubic metres per hour. The vacuum pressure is lower though, at 25kpa.Each unit comes with a solid 12-month warranty that covers service, repair, and replacement where applicable.

Despite all the power that these machines can produce, they are surprisingly efficient. We have designed them to consume minimal amounts of electricity, which is crucial in a large scale manufacturing enterprise where every saving counts. Each impeller is customised using 4140-grade shafts for enhanced efficiency that blows our competitors right out of the water.

To sample our multi-stage centrifugal blowers and exhausters, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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