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How The Interfil Magnetic Drum Separator Delivers The Results You Need

Coolants are an essential part of any manufacturing operation. They prevent your equipment from overheating, which reduces downtime and ensures better results. However, the coolant itself works under punishing conditions. It is sometimes passed over extremely hot machine parts, and other times it passes through pipes for internal cooling.

As the fluid cools down your machinery, it picks up contaminants that include gases, metals, and other unwanted particles. These contaminants can end up damaging other machine parts as the coolant does its work, and it can render the coolant itself unusable. That’s why it’s important to routinely clean your coolant.

Once coolant has been filtered, it can be re-used, which minimises the cost of buying fresh fluid. Alternatively, if the coolant is too well used to be recycled, it can be safely disposed of without spreading toxins that will damage the surroundings.

Filtering your coolant can also extend the life of machines like grinders, which would otherwise be scraped and abraded by sharp grinding grit or metallic elements in your coolant. Our Interfil Magnetic Drum Separator is one of the most efficient coolant filters on the market.

Since the drum separator is powered by magnetic energy, we have fitted it with eight magnetic poles to enhance its magnetic pull. Each of the eight magnets is a heavy-duty unit that creates a powerful magnetic field to sift out all metallic elements from your coolant. The drum itself is built from stainless steel and has a diameter of 127mm. Other diameters and special designs to the customers specification is available.

This drum rotates constantly, forcing the coolant to pass underneath, which is then acted upon by magnets. The magnets are ceramic to prevent corrosion, and the separator has a stainless-steel scraper blade with a spring-loaded mechanism. The scraper catches the ferrous particles as they are directed by the magnetic field, trapping them and disposing of them in a designated bin.

The scraper is positioned at the top of the drum, so as it spins, the cleaned fluid flows out of the bottom while contaminants are pushed towards the top and cling to the scraper. Coolants can be in the form of cutting oil or water-soluble fluid.

The magnetic drum separator is fully automated and self-cleaning, so it disposes of accumulated contaminants with no action required from you. It has several advantages over other types of filters, especially those based on oil centrifuges alone with no magnets. The magnetic field created by our ceramic magnets or optional rare earth magnets can filter ferrous materials to sub-micron levels. This produces cleaner coolant which offers more protection to your surfaces.

Your grinding wheels will have fewer abrasive materials to damage them, which means they’ll last longer before they need servicing or replacement, saving you a lot of money. The drum separator itself doesn’t require any maintenance because it’s a self-cleaning unit. It also helps by reducing the downtime of your other machinery, so it increases the overall efficiency of your production process.

To experience the results of our magnetic drum separator and see what else we have in stock, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433.

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