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Surface Oil Skimmer Case Study

Oil Skimmer BS2000 Case study
Oil Skimmer BS2000 Case study



The problem: In a manufacturing environment, oils, coolants and other lubricants are an essential part of operations. However, when these oils get mixed with water, it can create a range of problems. In order to dispose of used water appropriately, or even to reuse the water, it needs to be free of all contaminants.

In this example, process machinery has been washed down with water, therefore mixing oil and water together. When the water and oil mixture flows to the water collection reservoir, all of the oils and lubricants float on top of the water, making it unusable and unsafe to dispose of through normal sewerage.


The solution: We’ve recommended the Interfil BS2000 Belt Oil Skimmer as the perfect solution for this problem. The water reservoir is already an essential part of the operation, acting as a settling tank allowing the tramp oils to float to the surface. The BS2000 works on a belt and pulley system, with the belt continuously passing through the surface oil. Oil is naturally attracted to the belt, so it gets dragged up and over the pulley before reaching wiper blades that remove oil from the belt.  The surface tension of the oil acts like a blanket and is pulled towards the skimmer belt, enabling the skimmer to be located in a corner of the tank or to one side for easy access.  The simplicity of the vertical continuous belt eliminates the problems seen with other type of skimmers with annoying continual problems of tangling and twisting.

As the oil is scraped from the belt, it collects into a sump which is part of the steel fabricated frame. From there, it has two exit points where the oil can be disposed of. The process works continuously, and the belt can be adjusted to suit any height or depth requirements.


The end result: Ultimately, our manufacturing client now has an effective method of separating oil from wastewater. The Interfil BS2000 Belt Oil Skimmer removes oil at a rate of 5 litres per minute, so it’s not only fast, but essentially labour-free. The continuous nature of the skimmer means it’s economical to run.

The belt skimmer provides a dual benefit to our client. They’re able to keep wash water free of contaminants, making it more suitable for disposal. But also, they’re able to recover oils from the wash water so they can be used again if necessary.