Interfil's centrifuges are designed for the super efficient separation of solids from waste water, industrial oils, waste vegetable oils, biodiesel, emulsions, solvents and many other industrial processes. Our high quality centrifuge units have flow rates of 0 – 4800 Litres per hour and come with the option of manual or fully-automated self-cleaning.

Interfil also supplies Dieselcraft centrifuges, used to clean used engine oil, biodiesel and waste vegetable oil without disposable filters.  Dieselcraft centrifuges come with a 1500 watt band heater, and are supplied with a 5 year warranty.

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  • IC45 Manual Clean

    IC45 Manual Clean

    The IC-45 centrifuge is engineered for the super efficient separation of solids from waste water and biodiesel

  • Semi Auto Clean IC45-A

    Semi Auto Clean IC45-A

    The IC-45 centrifuge unit generates up to 3,000 gravitational centrifugal forces and self cleans soft pasty solids. Ideal…

  • Fully Auto Vertical Clean IC45-AV

    Fully Auto Vertical Clean IC45-AV

    The IC-45-AV centrifuge is designed for continuous uninterrupted operation for any type of solid. Ideal for clays and…

  • Dieselcraft OC50

    Dieselcraft OC50

    The OC-50 centrifuge cleans at 7 Litres per minute and includes a 1500 watt band heater

  • Dieselcraft 0C20

    Dieselcraft 0C20

    The OC-20 centrifuge cleans used engine oil and waste vegetable oil at 3.5 Litres per minute