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Wastewater Filtration

Interfil design, manufacture and supply quality, fully-automatic wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering systems. Our heavy duty units are built to last and offer cleaner water for recycling, and drier waste suitable for landfill.

Interfil design, manufacture and supply the highest quality wastewater filtration products
Interfil offer a total package when supplying filtration equipment including the filtration media employed.

For oil skimming and coolant filtration, the Interfil 2000 is easy to use and simple to service
The IC-45 centrifuge is engineered for the super efficient separation of solids from waste water
The Interfil IC45-A is a high speed Centrifuge designed for separation of solids from liquids
The IC-45-AV centrifuge is designed for continuous uninterrupted operation for any type of solid.

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