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All About the Interfil 2000 Surface Oil Skimmer

Oil is one of the most challenging environmental pollutants to deal with after disposal. As such, several mechanisms exist to safely eliminate it from the general waste before disposal.

In industrial settings, oil can get mixed up with wastewater through spills, leaks or when cleaning the machinery. Waste oils can also contaminate coolants and other fluids during industrial operations.

Separating oils from other fluids before disposal has several advantages. For starters, it lowers the costs and complexity of disposal. It also enables some industries to recycle waste oil and water. This can significantly lower their overall production costs.

Skimming is one of the most cost-effective methods of separating fluids that have varying densities. Oil skimmers work by extracting oily substances from the surface of denser liquids such as water. The Interfil 2000 Surface Oil Skimmer is a high-performance device capable of separating various types of oils from wastewater. Read on if you would like to know more on how it works.

Who is Interfil?

Interfil is a leading producer of industrial waste management equipment in Australia. The company was formed in 1986 in south Sydney as a family business. Interfil’s portfolio includes a wide variety of industrial filtration systems, exhausters, centrifuges as well as coolant and wastewater filtration devices. They also have interests in the mining sector and develops HDD drilling mud processing technology.

Types of Oil Skimmers

Oil skimmers mechanically separate oil from oil/water mixtures. They work efficiently without altering the physical, biological or chemical properties of the water.

Oil skimming technology takes advantage of the differences in density, fluidity and material adhesion properties of water and oil. These differences allow skimmers to separate oil from water with minimal effort. There are four main types of oil skimmers used in the wastewater management industry.

Weir Skimmers

Belt Skimmers

Oleophilic Skimmers

Non-Oleophilic Skimmers

How The Interfil 2000 Oil Skimmer Works

The Interfil 2000 Surface Oil Skimmer is one of Interfil’s most versatile oil removal devices. Its applications include removal of oil, grease and motor spirit from drains, wash pits and settling tanks. It is also useful for removing free oils from coolants and cutting fluids.

The Interfil 2000 is a belt-type oil skimmer. It uses a synthetic belt to trap oils floating on the surface of the oil/water mixture. The belt is effective because it has a higher affinity for oil than water.

The skimmer’s belt is suspended vertically with its lower end submerged in the oil/water mixture. The belt rotates in a continuous loop, driven by a drive pulley on its upper end. The lower end of the belt has a free-riding tail pulley that should always be fully submerged in the mixture. After trapping oils on its surface, the belt goes over the drive pulley before passing between two wiper blades. These remove the oil on the belt and direct it to a collection area and an oil sump to await disposal.

 Advantages of the Interfil 2000 Surface Oil Skimmer

The Interfil 2000 is preferred over other oil skimmers for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

It is easy to install and service


Continuous uninterrupted operation

High-performance efficiency of 10 litres per minute

Robust weather resistant engineering

Your choice of oil skimmer depends on several factors. These include your budget, the nature of your industry and the type of fluid you are separating. The interfil 2000 is adaptable to a wide range of scenarios and can prove profitable for several applications.

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