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Common Causes of Diesel Engine Failures

Diesel engines are known for their robust design and resilience. A well-maintained diesel engine can provide you with optimal performance for thousands of kilometres. Yet, even the toughest equipment needs to be treated well.

A neglected diesel engine can suffer costly damages and premature failure. If you want your diesel engine to serve you well, you should always be on the lookout for the challenges listed below.

  • Water Contamination
  • General Impurities
  • Irregular Engine Service

Common Causes of Diesel Engine Failures

1.     Water Contamination

The most common challenge leading to the failure of diesel engines is the mixture of water with diesel fuel. Some of the most common ways water can get into your fuel system include;

  • Condensation of water in your fuel tank
  • Using diesel fuel that gets contaminated with water at the fuelling station. This can be caused by inefficiencies during transportation or storage of the fuel.
  • Loose fuel caps can let rain or car wash water into the fuel tank.

Water contamination can lead to serious damage and inefficient engine performance. When your diesel is mixed in with water, it cannot deliver the optimal power required. Prolonged presence of water in your fuel system can lead to the formation of rust. It can also cause the growth of microbes as well as clogging of fuel injectors and filters.

As rust eats away at the internal parts of your fuel system, it dislodges tiny metal particles. These particles become suspended in the fuel as it flows throughout your engine. The rust particles have abrasive characteristics that can damage the more delicate parts of your engine. They can also reduce the integrity and compromise the performance of your seals, valves and filters.


2.     General Impurities

Apart from water, a wide variety of other impurities can find their way into your diesel engine. This can be through contamination of the coolant and faulty or damaged seals among others. If this debris goes unchecked, it can accumulate over time. Foreign debris in your fuel, engine oil, coolants and other fluids can cause costly damage to your engine.

However, you can use devices such as coolant filters and fuel polishing systems to prevent the accumulation of such debris. Interfil supplies a wide variety of advanced equipment that can help keep your engine free from impurities. Our solutions can handle particles as small as 5 microns.


3.     Irregular Engine Service

If you are inconsistent with the service and maintenance of your diesel engine, you are putting it at risk of failure. Although diesel engines are robust and resistant to damage, their longevity depends on the maintenance of its optimal working conditions. Inconsistency in aspects such as oil changes, cleaning filters and others can cut down its lifespan.

If you delay oil changes or use substandard oil, the engine will struggle to perform. In many cases, the internal engine components may begin to wear out prematurely. This in effect reduces the efficiency of the operations and can lead to early engine death.

If you are aware of these challenges, you can make arrangements to avoid them. At Interfil, we have a wide range of solutions that can help in the early detection of impurities, microbes or water in your fuel. Our systems are also deployed in industrial filtration, wastewater management and a range of other applications. Contact us to find out more about our solutions for diesel engines.


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