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Magnetic Filtration Applications and Benefits

Magnetic filtration depends on the power of magnetic attraction; through this, ferrous particles are attracted and captured from a fluid stream. This happens by putting a magnetic rod of high intensity permanently in the fluid path. The rod is positioned in such a way that all fluid must move around it with enough proximity and contact to draw every ferrous particle. Magnetic filtration has several benefits and applications, and that will be the focus of this article.


A Filter with Several Advantages and Applications

The importance of clean oil in making a machine efficient and reliable cannot be over-emphasised. Car mechanics, equipment operators, technicians, and car owners understand how vital magnetic filters are. The decision to use magnetic filters for a specific application depends primarily on different machine conditions. Such conditions include the type of oil that is used, ferrous particles, machine design, and operating temperature. The various benefits and applications you can get from magnetic filtration are as follows:

  1. Reusable Technology: By using magnetic filtration, it costs far less to remove a gram of particles from oil when compared to what is obtainable with disposable filters.
  2. A Limited Flow Restriction: A magnetic filter has little or no rise in its flow restriction when particles load on it. This is in contrast to the conventional filters.
  3. Improve the Reliability of Electro-hydraulic Valves: Magnetic particles like iron and steel always reduce the effectiveness of solenoid and servo valves. This can be attributed to the electromagnets that are deployed when the valves are being actuated. If magnetic filters are used, they will remove all the iron and steel particles thereby increasing the reliability of the valves.
  4. Lower Risk of Oil Oxidation: Based on their catalytic properties, iron and steel can promote oxidation of the oil. Such premature oil oxidation can lead to corrosion and sludge. Removing the iron and steel particles with magnetic filters will help in improving the service life of the oil.
  5. Allow for Quick Wear Metal Inspections: Rods and mag-plugs can be easily removed for visual inspection either daily or weekly without having to stop the machine from operating or removing the filter.
  6. Oil Flow is not Required: Without access to oil flow, conventional filters cannot be used to optimise machine reliability, keep oil clean or increase lubricant service life. However, magnetic filters don’t require oil flow to perform all these functions.

Utilise the Best Filtration Option

There is no doubt that the few applications and benefits of magnetic filtration discussed in this article make it one of the most sought-after filtration option in the world of industrial filtration. Many people who have long been using only conventional filters are now switching to magnetic filters. It’s indeed a great option.


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