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Maximise Your Engine Oil Life With An Oil Centrifuge

How often do you change your engine oil? Most people change their engine oil every three to six months or when the car clocks 3000-5000miles.The main reason for oil changes is the contamination of the oil following several cycles of use. Contaminants inevitably accumulate in the engine oil and change the physical and chemical properties of the liquid. As a result, the oil becomes less useful in lubricating the engine system and maintaining an efficient hydraulic system. Although an oil change is a good solution, there is a better way to restore your engine oil to its useful state, oil centrifuge.

A centrifuge system is used to separate solids from liquids or liquids from other liquids. The separation relies on the principle of density and centrifugal forces. In an oil centrifuge, solid particles (contaminants) that are denser than oil is removed. Additives that share the same density with the oil safely remain in the fluid, leaving it in its original clean state. An oil centrifuge yields an oil that is cleaner than one from an oil filtration system. The reason behind the superior yield is the difference in the principles of operation. Whereas Industrial Oil Centrifuges rely on differences in densities, a filtration system only sieves out solids to a pore size. Contaminants that can fit through the pores make it through the filter system. In a centrifuge, submicron pollutants are removed.

oil centrifuge

The cleanliness levels achieved in an oil centrifuge system ensure your engine oil lasts its entire lifespan. The oil centrifuge works best when permanently mounted on the engine. Its use can extend to decontaminating fluids in the hydraulics, transmission and gearbox. The oil centrifuge can be coupled with other oil purification devices depending on the specific contaminants being handled. In result, you save on the replacement cost of engine oil, the cost of waste oil disposal and machine downtime.

Keeping your oil in pristine condition maintains its hydraulic characteristics and viscosity. A right centrifuge ensures your oil remains useful despite numerous cycles of reuse. During the purification process, the condition of the engine oil should be monitored. Only an expert can conclusively analyse your engine oil to ensure its safe for use. When the lifespan of the engine oil is up, oil replacement must be carried out. The advent of the oil centrifuge has slowly diffused the longstanding tradition of replacing the engine oil after covering specific distances or hitting a particular duration of use.

Moreover, the centrifuge allows the oil to undergo purification before causing any wear and tear to the engine system. An oil centrifuge preserves the lifespan of engine oil while extending the life cycle of the engine itself. Good oil means a good and efficient system. Keep your oil pure with an engine oil centrifuge.

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