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The accelerating demand for industrial air filtration technologies Part 1

In China, it’s common to see people walking around with disposable dust masks over their mouths and noses. It’s not a style thing – it’s a smog thing. In some places, the situation is so bad that when you’re offered a high-end job, they’ll throw in a penthouse with its own air filter. It’s actually in your contract, so the higher your floor is, the more important you are in your organisational hierarchy, especially if your workplace is paying your rent. Luckily, the air down under is still mostly fresh.

While few parts of the world have reached Chinese air pollution levels, it’s still an issue. Many governments are passing anti-pollution legislation in a bid to extend the earth’s lifespan and cut down global warming. Usually, the globe is divided geographically when there’s any discussion about industry and economy. The regions are North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East + Africa. At the moment, air pollution is a bigger problem in Asia than in the West, so there’s more growth potential for the industry.

Government support

The Paris Climate Change Accord has had an impact on national governments’ approaches to outdoors pollutants, but indoor pollution hasn’t received quite as much interest. Ironically, companies and organisations focused on environmental conservation are sometimes the worst hit. Recycling plants often have the most toxic factory floors around.

As they work to reclaim and re-purpose waste, the toxins are released into the air inside the factory, putting workers at risk. Staff are helping the outside world get cleaner, but they’re paying with their health. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Factories and warehouses already have ventilation systems as part of their manufacturing process. They just need air filtration strategies that improve the performance of current air circulation tools. For example, adding our Interfil air filtration membranes to existing measures can make a big difference.

Top notch air filters

Our rolls come in 20m stretches that are 2.1m wide and 20mm thick, so you can cut off the size you need to pad your ventilation system. This little addition doesn’t just freshen the air and make the working environment more (pleasant and) healthy, it can also cut down energy bills and lower the wear and tear of your factory equipment. Demand has prompted new technology that’s easy to mount, ergonomic, and traps smaller and smaller particles.

The issue is especially key in the food and beverage industry, where contamination can lead to illness, lawsuits, and even death. That’s why the pollution regulations in this industry are more stringent. In the process of protecting the product, it’s important to protect your human resources as well. After all, if they’re too sick to work, lack of labour will deeply dent your profit margin, especially because it takes time, money, and effort to train replacements.

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