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Why the Auto Vertical Clean ic45-av is an acclaimed centrifuge for renewable energy

Environmental conservation is an increasingly ‘IT’ topic, especially since we started implementing our National Energy Guarantee in response to last year’s Paris Climate Agreement. Of course, it’s always been essential to protect our surroundings, but it was expensive too, so businesses had little incentive to comply.

Fortunately, modern technology has developed affordable environmental sustainability. In many cases, it saves money too. Recycling waste products is one way to conserve energy. Waste products can be used to generate biofuel, and modern industrial filtration devices are designed to utilise minimal energy while ensuring maximal efficiency, saving, time, money, and power. Our IC 45-AV is one such device, developed, patented, and built right here in Australia.

Centrifugal bowls

It works by using a stainless steel basket centrifuge that spins and 3,000 g-forces, separating fluids and solids from batches of wastewater. It filters at a rate of 4,800 litres an hour and can separate 10 litres of solid from 3,000 litres of wastewater. The solids are in the form of sludge, and the IC 45-AV can be used to clean potato starch, drilling mud, fruit pulp, biofuel, cutting fluid, and much more.

When the bowl rotates, solids are thrown to the sides where they form a thick coating of sludge. The bowl/basket has four load cells which detect how heavy it is. When it reaches a pre-set weight, it automatically goes into a cleaning cycle which scrapes off the accumulated solids. The cleaning cycle doesn’t stop the machine. It continues to spin, releasing filtered water through its outlet pipe while it cleans.

Sometimes, the solid is too light to be detected by the load cells. In such cases, you can set a timer which will initiate the cleaning cycle after a given period. In this way, the IC 45-AV prevents downtime because it never stops, and the cleaning cycle ensures maximum efficiency since the basket doesn’t get overworked or overloaded. It saves power too because the same energy output is used for filtering wastewater and cleaning the bowl.

Automated and manual options

If you prefer to clean the centrifugal basket by hand, you can easily dismantle it from its casing – it takes less than a minute. You can then scrape the bowl by hand before re-attaching it. The whole centrifuge is a turn-key system. It only needs two-way electrical and plumbing, going in and out of the machine. It can be used as a stand-alone or attached to a system, riveted in place or trolleyed around the factory.

In its automated form, you can programme all the necessary weights and timers using the touchpad, then it can function without further intervention, cutting the expense of a human operator. It’s designed to require minimal maintenance, adding to its cost-saving function.

Interfil’s IC 45-AV has become an essential part of renewable energy generation because it’s commonly used at biofuel plants to separate algae, biogerms, water, and other contaminants from green fuel. It’s also used to filter lubricants and other oils.

To see our IC45-AV in action, call Interfil today on 02 9533 4433 and arrange a visit.

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