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Why Hoffman Flatbed Vacumatic Filters are Considered Industry Best

Different Industries looks to filtration systems in order to reduce the costs related to waste disposal and to increase product quality. However, certain filtration components are regarded as better at providing a return on investment.

In sectors that are heavily reliant on industrial filtration, Hoffman filters are recognised as superior yet affordable components of a reliable, cost-effective flat bed vacuum filtration system. Hoffman filters recycle, filter and clarify waste liquids by using air at all three steps of the filtration process. Here’s how Hoffman filters work:

The dirty tank’s pump supplies the flat bed Vacumatic with liquid. The Hoffman filters are supported on the flat bed’s conveyor belt, and the exhaust pipe or duct produces a vacuum under the filters. The end result is that dirty liquid is pulled through the filters, producing a cake from the extracted waste.

Air is used to:

* Dry the cake, which minimises loss of liquid and reduces the waste volume

* Direct the exhauster’s discharge over the cleaned liquid to remove floating contaminants

* Aerate the cleaned liquid that passes through the filter, which is critical to controlling bacteria and preventing the liquid from becoming rancid

The vacuum increases as the cake grows, until the determined level is reached, at which point the system indexes the conveyor belt. The system then discharges the waste cake into the disposal container and draws the cleaned liquid into the filter bed before being drained into the holding tank.

This process minimises the volume of waste that requires disposal, which translates into cost savings related to filtration.

Moreover, Hoffman filters work with the Vacumatic system efficiently and effectively to enable companies to reap the following benefits:

* Increase product quality by actually barring contaminants from being reintroduced into the production line post-removal

* Increase equipment efficiency, which reduces the costs associated with energy consumption and waste disposal and adds to equipment life span

* Simplify waste disposal by automatically discharging the waste into a collection bin

* Achieve lower maintenance costs and downtime through proven reliability

Hoffman filters have an impressive track record of successful use in manufacturing and production environments related to:

* Metal work, such as grinding, rolling, canbody, phosphating, continuous casting and wire-drawing

* Petroleum refinery, such as caustic washes

* Industrial, including machine coolants and paint

* Food production and milling, such as clarifier underflow

* Air pollution, such as wet scrubbing

At the end of the day, if your workplace’s filtration system is a key component of your company’s bottom line, then keeping the system working at top capacity without stressing the system and incurring maintenance costs is non-negotiable. By being uniquely suited for use in flat bed vacuum systems, Hoffman filters perform filtration without placing undue strain on your filtration equipment. You can consequently protect the lifespan of your system’s components and ensure maximum return on investment.

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