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What advantages do the Vertical Clean, Semi-auto and Manual Centrifuges offer?

Getting the right centrifuge for your project means browsing over all the options available to you and making a decision based on the evidence that you encounter. At Interfil, we have three different types of centrifuges available for our customers – the manual centrifuge, the semi-automatic centrifuge, and the vertical clean centrifuge. But what exactly does that mean? And how can you tell which one is right for your circumstances?

Here we take a look at each and their advantages.

To start with we need to examine just what exactly the manual, semi-automatic, and vertical clean labels mean when it comes to the centrifuges themselves. In this case, the labels indicate the cleaning method of the centrifuge. So, manual means that cleaning the centrifuge drum by hand or removing a filtration bag is necessary, semi-automatic means that it cleans itself on a pre-set timer, removing soft gelatinous debris that can flow to the cleaning arm, and vertical clean means that the system cleans itself when the weight changes from the accumulated debris within the bowl, solids are removed by the cleaning tube moving vertical and horizontal within the bowl, enabling any type of solid to be removed.

Manual Centrifuge


The most important benefit to purchasing a manual centrifuge is the cost savings that it offers over automatic and semi-automatic centrifuges. Because there is more human effort involved and less technology in the machine, this means it drives down the cost. This might be the type of centrifuge that you would like to buy if you don’t require continuous operation, use the centrifuge only sporadically, or have staff (or yourself) in place already to clean often.

The manual centrifuge enables the option of batching and utilisation of the perforated bowl for lining with a filtration bag.

Semi-automatic Centrifuge


A semi-automatic centrifuge takes it one step further than the manual centrifuge and offers users a cleaning function for removing on a continuous flow basis, the collected gelatinous solids. The cleaning device moves horizontally towards the inner spinning wall of the bowl and scrapes the solids from the bowl relying on the soft gelatinous property of the solids to flow towards the cleaning device. The semi-automatic centrifuge makes a decent choice in between the manual and automatic machines, especially if you are conscious about cost but do not have a lot of time to put into cleaning.

Automatic Centrifuge Vertical Clean

ic45 automatic verticle clean centrifuges

Because all cleaning is done automatically, this means that the automatic centrifuge can be used in continuous operation for any type of solids. You don’t need to stop the centrifuge to clean it at all. This is great for applications where it’s important that your centrifuge runs at all times. The centrifuge itself notices when the bowl inside is full and then automatically discharges the waste. The low maintenance required means it is a good choice when you don’t have many staff around to help run your operation.

Interfil manufactures and offers some of the best centrifuges in Australia – for purchase across a wide range of industries. The centrifuges can be used with waste vegetable oil, engine oil, biodiesel, contaminated groundwater, concrete washing, clay and sand, quarries, truck washing and more. Have a browse through our products or call on 02 9533 4433 to speak with one of our consultants about what would work for you.

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