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Food, Beverage & Packaging

Food, Beverage & Packaging – Centrifuge, Wastewater Filtration, Oil Skimming & Filter Media

The Interfil filtration systems have been utilised in the food, beverage and Packaging industry for many years.

Primarily processing the waste water to a reusable condition or a EPA approved discharge condition.  Solids are dried via the sludge dewatering vacumatic filter and taken as a spadeable waste.

Some examples are waste liquids such as dyes/inks from Cardboard packaging products, wash down of inks in the production of aluminium cans, food waste such as potato starch, poultry and fruit etc.

The Interfil Vertical Clean High Speed Centrifuge is a self cleaning continuous operation centrifuge used for the separation of solids from liquid. Automatically discharging the solids as a paste form.  Ideal for waste water separation where dryness of solids is not important but cleanliness of the water is important.

For information on our fully auto vertical clean ic45-av click here

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