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Requires removing solids from the bowl by hand.  For automatic removal please refer to IC45A centrifuge and IC45AV centrifuge.

Interfil IC-45 Centrifuges are high quality units engineered for super efficient separation of solids from liquids. The rotating stainless steel bowl is dynamically balanced for extra smooth operation, encased by heavy machined cast bowl and lid including 4 point dampeners for vibration isolation. Our Centrifuge is able to separate solids from industrial oils, waste vegetable oils, emulsions, solvents and many other industrial processes.

The Interfil IC-45 oil centrifuge units will generate up to 3,000 gravitational centrifugal forces.

  • Flow Rate 0 – 4800 Litres per hour (1270Gph)
  • Bowl (Rotor) holding Capacity 6 litres (200 oz) of solids
  • Automatic Removal of Solids
  • Single Phase and 3 Phase power supply options

Typical Flow rates of the Centrifuge

Flow rate given are an indication only and is subject to several factors such as viscosity of liquid, temperature of liquid, percentage of solids ppm, particle size um and difference in specific gravity sg.

Waste Vegetable Oil (dependent on the oil being cleaned) 300 Litres per hour – 1500 Litres per hour (80 – 400GPH)
Engine Oil 300 Litres per hour (80 GPH)
Biodiesel 1780 Litres per hour (475 GPH)
Rape Seed and Canola Oil 190 Litres per hour (50 GPH)
Grape Juice/Wine 3800 Litres per hour (1000 GPH)
Gold and Silver Recovery 600 Litres per hour (160 GPH)
Grinding Coolant 3800 Litres per hour (1000 GPH)
Waste Water 3800 Litres per hour (1000 GPH)

Centrifuge Features

  • High Speed Precision Balanced bowl for Greater Separation
  • 304 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Bowl
  • 4 Point Vibration Isolation Points Super Quiet Operation
  • No Wearable Parts
  • Automatic Solid Removal
  • Quick Easy Removal of the Bowl

The units are currently being used successfully in many industrial applications and more recently the biodiesel industry. The units are cost effective, many paying for themselves within a few months. Their superior design offers improved performance, a longer trouble free operating life, and provides low maintenance more so than any other centrifuge in Australia.

Benefits of the Interfil IC-45 Centrifuge

  • Choice of Manual and Fully Automated Self Cleaning
  • Easy Bowl Removal
  • Compact Design
  • One Pass Separation

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Centrifuge Operations

The Interfil IC-45 Centrifuge works with the use of centrifugal force, allowing separation of any solid particles from liquid. The centrifugal force has a maximum 3,000 gravities. The separation of solids is greatly improved when the liquid is exposed longer to the centrifugal force. This can be achieved by simply slowing the supply rate to the centrifuge. Extended retention time enables improved clarity and cleanliness in the end product.

There are several factors that are considered when determining the flow rate through the centrifuge, these include:

  • Viscosity of the liquid (can be changed by increasing or decreasing the temperature)
  • The amount of solids present in the liquid
  • Particle size
  • Difference in specific gravity of the liquid and the solids

The liquid is fed through an inlet connection in the lid of the centrifuge, entering directly into the rotating bowl where the centrifugal force then throws the solids out of the liquid and to the side of the bowl. The solid content then becomes compacted as a sludge mixture, and the clean liquid then flows up the centre of the bowl and discharges by gravity through a 2″ outlet at the bottom of the Centrifuge. The solids left in the bowl can then be removed manually or ideally removed automatically by means of the self cleaning device.

Centrifuge Specifications

Model number IC45-M
Bowl capacity (solids) 6Ltrs
Motor Power 2.2kw
Flow Rate 1-80L/min
Gravities (optimum) 3,000


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ic45 Manual Clean Centrifuge
Brand: Interfil
Model: ic45-a