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Importance of Quality Water Filtration Systems

Clean water is important to everyone. We all like to have a drink of water, or clean ourselves, clean our cars, homes, dishes, and equipment.
Having an effective water filtration media system is important if not critical to our way of life. Nature can take care of some water cleaning but it would not be able to handle the vast amount of water cleaning needed. So we have to help nature, this is where having a quality water filtration system comes in.

Filter Media

What does a water filter do?

Quite simply a water filter will clean the water that has already been used and then sends it on to either be reused or given back to nature. If the water becomes too polluted, then the impact on wildlife and human life would be catastrophic. As pollutants in the water build up the effects start to mount, at first there would be restrictions on recreational water use, followed by decaying clean water levels, followed by oxygen depletion, loss of marine life and loss of human life.

Wastewater Filtration, centrifuges

What type of water does it clean?

Water filters can clean a wide variety of water for reuse or discharge, sending it back into the environment. However, we can’t just send any type of water back. There are strict guidelines as to what type of water is sent back and what quality of water can be used. You don’t want to have dirty water coming out of your taps.

Grey water

Grey water is all water that come from any source in the home or workplace that is not a toilet. These places include showers, baths, hand basins, washing machines and the kitchen.

Black water

Black water is water from the toilet, from incinerators and composters.


Sewage is the combined black and grey water. It is from all sources in the home and workplace.

Types of water filtration

Because the danger of not treating the water correctly is so high, ensuring that you have the right type of wastewater filtration system is important.

Slow sand filtration

Slow sand filtration is the oldest type of water filtration; the water is passed through a sand or another granular like substance, so that the unwanted particulates are removed. The process is repeated several types to ensure quality. Today this process has been replaced with a carbon filament which also gets rid of the larger particles, also the atomic charge of the carbon attracts the unwanted particles and lets the water flow past. This process is repeated several times to ensure water quality.


Centrifuges are the most recent development towards water cleaning, they collect a certain amount of water then spin the water till the particles drop to the bottom, and the clean water sits at the top. This process is also repeated to ensure quality.

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