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When to Go Manual and Auto with Your Centrifuge Selection

When you need a centrifuge to separate and clean up wastewater or some other form of liquid and solid, you need to make sure you do your research so you can make an informed decision in the type of centrifuge that will best fit your needs.

INTERFIL, Australia’s leading supplier of centrifuges, offers three different options for the operating systems in our centrifuges such as manual, semi-automatic and automatic. Here is some helpful information to help you choose the proper centrifuge for your application.

Manual Centrifuge

The most significant benefit to a manual centrifuge is its cost. This is the most inexpensive of the three different centrifuges available. The reason this centrifuge costs less is because there is more human intervention required and less technology.

The savings in cost may be a benefit to you if you have the time and manpower required for its operation and if you won’t need the centrifuge to run the centrifuge continuously.

However, with this type of centrifuge you will need to clean the drum by hand and also remove the filtration bag when necessary. This can become very labor intensive if you will need to run the centrifuge on a regular basis for long periods of time.

The manual centrifuge also enables batching and utilisation of the perforated bowl for lining with a filtration bag.

Semi-Automatic Centrifuge

A semi-automatic centrifuge has all of the operational benefits of the manual centrifuge, however, it offers the users a cleaning function for continuously removing the collected gelatinous solids that build up during a continuous flow.

The cleaning device moves horizontally toward the inner spinning wall of the bowl and scrapes the solids off the bowl, relying on the soft gelatinous property of the solids to flow toward the cleaning device.

A little more expensive than the manual centrifuge, but the semi-automatic centrifuge does offer the major option of automating the cleaning requirements, making it worth the extra money to most people who will need to run the centrifuge on a continuous basis or who don’t have the time or manpower to continuously perform this difficult task.

Automatic Centrifuge

With the automatic centrifuge all cleaning is done automatically, allowing the user to run the centrifuge constantly on any type of solid required. This means you won’t need to keep stopping the centrifuge to clean it at all.

This is a major benefit for applications that require the centrifuge to be ran continuously for long periods of time, or indefinitely. The automatic centrifuge has the technology to sense when the bowl inside is full and will then automatically dispose of all of the waste.

With the automatic centrifuge’s low maintenance requirements it’s the most cost efficient choice out of all three centrifuges.

Interfil, Australia’s leading provider of wastewater filtration solutions, has the equipment to solve all of your filtration and clean up needs.

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